how do i download tactics using tac.file

  1. how do i download tactics using tac.file

    hi all

    everytime i try to download a new tactic when a tac. file it wont work anyone any advice


  2. yeah read that just cant download tac files. any ideas can do other files just not tac files

  3. Well thats what file the game uses (.tac) Make sure you save the tactics when you download them, not open them. Then you can either put it in your tactics folder, or locate the tactics from wherever else you downloaded them to by using manage tactics=> import tactic, then navigate to where you saved the tactic.

  4. Don't think either helped there

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Scopen View Post
    Don't think either helped there

    Are you having the same problem. Could you describe exactly how you are trying to do it ?

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