Hi all.
Im playing as spurs and I am in my third season. I was previously using a possession 4-3-3 which gives around 60% possession most games and quite a few goal. It helped me win the title and champions league in my second season.

But now I fancy a change. I want to play a 4-2-3-1 but no matter what I try I cant create one with a solid defence but will create chances as well.

I want to use IFs because I have trained Bale and Lennon to the opposite wings. I have Muller playing at AM(C) and Cavani as the ST. It cant be deep because I want to implement Dembele at CM because he cant play DM. If any one has any ideas or could point me in the direction of a good tactic it would be appreciated. Hours of googling and I have found nothing.

If anyone wants to try my 4-3-3 then just let me know.