It doesn't matter what tactic is used.......

  1. It doesn't matter what tactic is used.......

    when nobody can score a freaking goal.

    I'm sick and tired of this game already. I've tried playing with everybody.....I've bought everybody.....I've trained everything.........and I've even downloaded tactics and tinkered/trained. When I'm getting outscored the way I currently am in Lique 1 with PSG and scoring about 1 goal for every 25 shots on goal I have no other choice but to stop playing for awhile. I've been playing since Championship Manager days of 2001 and have never had as much trouble finding something (ANYTHING!!!) that works before.

    I'm venting........SICK OF THIS FREAKING GAME.

  2. give my new tykes attack a whirl i am sure you wont be disappointed, this game was really getting under my skin until i made this tactic now got my love for fm back!

  3. Cheers Ady. I downloaded and read through the thread.

    Once I settle in for the day later on I'll probably fire up another game and give it a go.

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