Need professional advice/help!

  1. Need professional advice/help!

    Ok I would like some help from all you pro managers out there,
    This is my team:
    Clyne, yoshida, fonte, fox,
    schneiderlin, cork,
    ramirez, davis, lallana,

    Im using raikan's awsome AMC Control/short passing as my tactic, My first game went really well and I won 3-0 against Everton but next I was battered by Man City 5-0. Is there any help on tactics, line up or singning to help me againt the bigger teams plz?

    So far I have signed:
    Wellington Nem, Jores okore, Erik Sviatchenko and vaclav Kadlec
    Total cost 9m.

    Any help would be really great, Thanks for your time

  2. Get an underdog tactic.

    The oens i know are in the Combos thread and in the Spin the wheel thread. In combos, it's 2combo and in the Spins it's the underdog one

  3. Thanks for the replie, I have downloaded the tactic you suggested. Dont be shy anyone else who may have advice, more would be good

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