Solid 442 for Liverpool.

  1. Solid 442 for Liverpool.

    Liverpool 4.4.2 Tactic

    Well this is my upload of my most sussesful tactic to date. As you will all know that FM13 is alot harder this year and is far more of challange than ever before.
    I've been playing Football Manager for many since 2008. I've never been one to download or share my tactics and in the past I've been doing good. But i will admit that this years has been alot harder. I've been fooling around with many diffirent tactics and styles of play and this tactic as been my best to date.

    ( I've only used this with liverpool but i would like to know how it does with other teams)

    A little about the tactic then. This is by far a win everything and job done tactic. But as you will see from the screen shots I've put up you do get some very good results.

    The midfield is the key to this tactic.

    • They presure the other team, winning back the ball or forcing mistakes.
    • The interchange in passing between them is also very good.
    • They will also score goals.
    The defence is also very solid. The forwards work well together and link well with the midfield.

    You will also notice that i have the left midfielder set as the taget man. I have done this so the others look for him. This is to help the link up with the left forward (normaly Suarez in the deep laying forward role). I have found this works very well, and Suarez has really done well. Screenshot below



    Attachment 300906 Solid 442 for Liverpool.-1st-fixtures.pngSolid 442 for Liverpool.-more-fixtures.pngSolid 442 for Liverpool.-tactic-analysis.png Solid 442 for Liverpool.-assist-analysis.pngSolid 442 for Liverpool.-goal-analysis.pngSolid 442 for Liverpool.-tactics.png

    As you can see the tactic has some very possitive this about it. There are some good results in there too.

    • Won 9-2 Vs Sunderland
    • Won 3-1 Vs Arsenal
    • Won 3-2 Vs Chelsea
    • Won 3-0 Vs Man Utd
    Shouts Below.. 4.4.2 control is the one i start the games with then change to attacking or defence depending on how its going. But i change very rarely.
    Warning Use the shouts to change mentality

    Solid 442 for Liverpool.-control-shouts.pngSolid 442 for Liverpool.-attack-shouts.pngSolid 442 for Liverpool.-defend-shouts.png

    End of the first season

    Solid 442 for Liverpool.-end-1st-season.png
    I also won the Leauge cup and was runner up in the FA Cup.... see fixtures for results

    Best Player --- Luis Suarez

    Solid 442 for Liverpool.-suarez-1st-season.png

    New download Link
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Solid 442 for Liverpool.-tactics.png  
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