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Totaal Voetbal - Cruijff/Michels 4-3-3 Challenge

  1. Totaal Voetbal - Cruijff/Michels 4-3-3 Challenge

    I've always been a great admirer of the Cruijff/Michels total football philosophy, I've decided to attempt to implement a tactic as much like to like as possible (any tactic creators are welcome to join in with this challenge).

    What is Total Football based on?

    • Short precise passing
    • Quick tempo and high intense pressing
    • Free roaming with high creative freedom (10 players attack, 10 players defend, a lot of interchanging)
    • High defensive line
    • Wing/Full backs and Wingers must hug the touchline to maximize the width

    Here's a short video of arguably the greatest "Total Football" side of all time, Holland 1974 :

    The Total Football philosophy depends heavily on the nature of players in a team. Not every team can play it. In fact, there are very few teams that could do it and that is what led to suggestions that the Dutch side of 1974 World Cup was the best footballing side ever to have played. Total football requires all ten outfield players to be very strong technical footballers. The positions of all of the players are switched continuously but this is not restricted to players playing in the same position.

    For example, a defender must not only be able to change positions with another defender. Total Football requires all players to be interchangeable. In other words, a defender must be able to switch with a forward if need be and a forward with a midfielder and so on. The only player who is not required to switch positions is the goalkeeper.

    The formation I'll be intending to use

    Am contemplating whether or not to change the limited defender for a Libero role.

    This formation may change due to tweaking periods, however this is in my opinion the most suitable formation for the philosophy in question.

    As I previously stated if anybody is interested in taking up the challenge with myself then your more then weclome, I'll be updating this thread with results/tweaks until it's perfected.

    The Tactic!

    When I use the tactic I never do the team talks I've always left that for the assistant manager to do as well as opponent instructions, your obviously perfectly entitled to do it if you wish.

    Match training

    I personally do 1 week off Team Cohesion and 1 week off Tactics on repeat until the season starts, at this point I put it on balanced , average intensity. For match training I always prefer to use defensive positioning which I highly recommend, I also allow rest before and after matches. Remember to train the players in their individual roles!

    Player attributes

    Keeper - Just a general solid keeper
    Centre-backs - Passing, Composure, Tackling, Positioning etcetera (Agger, Vertonghen..)
    Wing-backs - Pace, Stamina, Crossing, Tackling etcetera (Walker , Johnson..)
    BWM's - Tackling, Strength, Passing, Stamina etcetera (Dembele, Leiva..)
    Wingers - Pace, Flair, Creativity, Crossing (Dyer, Lennon..)
    Complete Forward - Finishing, Heading, Composure etcetera (Cisse, Adebayor..)

    Team talks

    All team talks done on assertive

    Easy home games - Expect to win
    Tough home/away games - For the fans
    Lesser opposition away - Relax - Expect to win

    Half time if winning - Doing well keep it up
    Drawing against lesser opposition - Far from pleased
    Drawing against same/better opposition - For the fans , Keep it up

    Post match if won - Very pleased , Similar
    If drawn, lost against lesser opposition - Not happy
    (for away and home and use it at home against good opposition)
    If drawn, lost against similar/better opposition away - Unlucky

    Tactic success

    Courtesy of Darandio who magnificently done a clean sweep and won every trophy he competed for in 2015 with Liverpool.

    I'd really appreciate it if you could all post your results, I also highly recommend that you do NOT tweak the tactic.

    4-3-3 Totaal Voetball Cruijff.tac

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  2. well good luck will keep a eye on this

  3. This seems like a challenge id like to take on

  4. Nice. Looking forward to your first results.

  5. So far so good, best not speak to soon..

    Should of battered City

  6. I'll see if this works with my Ipswich save. I have a similar tactic I use when I want to try and control possession in matches. It has worked well for you. Have you ever thought of maybe changinging one of the midfielders to a playmaker?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by united762000 View Post
    I'll see if this works with my Ipswich save. I have a similar tactic I use when I want to try and control possession in matches. It has worked well for you. Have you ever thought of maybe changinging one of the midfielders to a playmaker?
    No, Simply because the idea of this tactic was for the team to attack and defend as a whole unit, the 3 BBM's all have the exact same PI's.

    The tactic is working wonders, just overcome the toughest challenge yet, Chelsea away

  8. gonna be watching this thread

  9. will test with my lfc squad

    edit: first match with tactics
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