great tactics for testing

  1. great tactics for testing

    classic 433.tac4-4-2 nezza's style.tac4-3-3 nezza's style.tac

    well guys once again iv'e created some tactics that may suit some needs ive tested these 3 tactics myself in 3 separate seasons and iv'e had nothing but success.

    further more iv'e made a special tactic of the classic 433 ( with 3 strikers ) and the results were outstanding home and away.

    since iv'e seen alot of tactics ppl have downloaded they seem to be the usually same tactics ( 451, 4231, 4321, etc, etc. )

    if i hadn't just started a new save with Newcastle i would of showed of some results with the classic 433.

    so lads and lasses give these a shot and tell me how good or not they are for you's and please let me kno.

    cheers guys.

  2. ps. once i start a new save with the 433 classic i'll post some screen shoots through out the season and update on tweaks if i make any.

  3. Mate, to get the best and relevant feedback, you need to provide more info about the approach. Under what circumstances is it intended to produce results ? After all, it's no good getting the feedback " We cant score " etc if the approach needs a pacey striker and the user hase used a real slow one.

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