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Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2
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  1. Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2

    Hi guys,

    The reason I am posting this is because I have achieved incredible results with Lyon in over 3 seasons, after trying unsuccessfully different tactics I found here. I am currently using the "12.2 Tweak" tactic by Mr Hough which was a FM12 tactic, but it works perfectly for me with the 13.2.2 patch. I have obviously played NO part in the creation of this tactic and I am only sharing my results so you might try to do the same if you are struggling in your current game.

    1st season : (started using the tactic after 19 games)
    40 played, 28 wins - 4 draws - 8 losses (87 goals - 36 conceded)
    I won : French League 1 - French Community Shield (+ semi-final defeat 4-5 in Europa League against future winners Manchester City)

    2nd season :
    59 played, 43 wins - 8 draws - 8 losses (127 goals - 44 conceded)
    I won : French League 1 - French Community Shield - Champion's League (on pens 1-1 against City)

    3rd season :
    62 played, 50 wins - 5 draws - 7 losses (163 goals - 52 conceded)
    I won : French League 1 - French Community Shield - European supercup - World championship - French Cup
    (+ semi-final defeat 2-1 against future winners Real Madrid)

    So far this 4th season :
    9 played, 9 wins - 0 draws - 0 losses (31 goals - 2 conceded)
    I won : French Community Shield

    170 played, 130 wins - 17 draws - 23 losses (408 goals - 134 conceded) 76,4% wins
    11 trophies (3 french League 1 in 3 seasons + 1 CL - and 2 semi-finals).
    I would like to mention that at least half my defeats were minor games for which I played reserve players and teenagers, not to mention games lost at PSG, Barcelona, Madrid or City...

    I have uploaded screenshots so you can have a look at my current run of form, a few big wins, and individual stats for Destro (62 goals in 50 games last season, 15 goals in 9 games so far this season...).

    Globally, it allows you to have a very good possession, good passing rate, and a lot of shoots compared to the opponent. Of course, with this patch a lot of them come from distance but it doesn't really matter as you still score a lot... Plenty of goals on corners, especially with Destro.

    The tactic can be found here:

    If you try it, let me know how it works for you !
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00001.jpg   Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00002.jpg   Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00003.jpg  

    Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00004.jpg   Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00005.jpg   Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00006.jpg  

    Mr Hough FM12 tactic working very well on patch 13.2.2-2013-01-27_00007.jpg  
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  2. possession and shots on goal are great with the tactic but the players don't score enough just keep missing..

  3. Hum...

    I guess it depends on the quality of the players, I have a few goals from the CM, and a LOT from the striker and the two wingers... What is your team ?

  4. I'm gonna try it. I keep u in touch

  5. Nice ! Keep me up to date then !

    Anyway, I believe you need time to know the tactic completely, but it is no surprise. Also I have lost some games with 25-30 shots for me and only 5 for the opponent, but it is happenning less and less as the seasons go.

    To be fair, with the patch and new ME, I think some will do great with this tactic, some others won't, it looks random to me...

    Edit : I have now joined Arsenal. 11 games : 7 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats (one away from home when I sent my reserve team and one at Old Trafford), 34 goals - 14 conceded. And I am playing with an average of 3-4 key players out at every game at the moment... So still doing pretty well, and I am sure it will improve before the end of the season, to reach almost perfection the next year.

  6. match preparation? OI? attributes for each position? team talks? shouts?
    Last edited by halidbeslic; 29/01/2013 at 12:37 AM.

  7. I don't do OI and match preparation, everything is done by my assistant. I do the talking and for big games I say "be relax" or "do it for the fans", it works pretty well. But against small teams (especially at home), I have noticed they might not take the game seriously so I say "I want 3 pts".
    Other than that, I do not use shouts.

    As for the players attributes, I think there is nothing really specific. The higher they are, the better I guess. (simple stuff like wingers need good speed, crosses and technical abilities and such...). On corners, the scorer (mine is the striker) doesn't really need excellent heading and jump (Destro has 13 in heading, 12 in jump if I remember correctly), but mostly decision and anticipation. At least half of my goals on corners are not scored with a header anyway...

  8. some good information for sure,i want to try this tactic with some lower league team,probably third spanish or german league... by the way tnx for sharing tactic and your results...

  9. No problem. Thank you for trying, it will be nice to have an idea of what the tactic can achieve with lower league teams !

  10. Have u finished 4th season with Lyon? show us some new results...

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