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4-2-3-1 Diablo

  1. 4-2-3-1 Diablo

    Player roles and duties

    Team instructions

    Well, everything is in the screenshot. You need two limited defenders, two wing backs, two centre mids, two attacking and one supporting amc, and a deeplying forward....Man City would be ideal for this tactic, and I've also had good success with Q.P.R. Even if your players are weak, and you concede a goal, you will still play well, like Q.P.R players, but if you are Man City or some better club, you should destroy everyone. I like to call it Diablo, as it reminds me of that famous tactic from fm08 or 09, can't remember. It should fit every team that has natural players in it's required position, but the success is based on the players ability rating. More stars in abilty rating, more you destroy.
    Give it a go if you have the required players, you wont regret it.

    4-2-3-1 Diablo.tac

  2. Diablo, have you any screenshots of results, my Man Utd team will never lose then

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jasonbhoys View Post
    Diablo, have you any screenshots of results, my Man Utd team will never lose then
    all you need to do with ManU is basic 4-4-2 Fluid Attacking....everything else default....kill me if you lose a single game.

  4. Is that all you do great, tactical genius mate.

  5. now now boys

  6. Mate, I can already see this thread getting closed within 12 hours due to abusive language. When naming a tactic " Diablo", just be aware that you have more or less promised 3 points in every game and when people don't get that ( and no, they won't), things will turn nasty.

    So, just be prepared for it.
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  7. my everton just destoyed napoli 6-1 in firendly game :0

  8. Link donĀ“t work.

  9. Can we have just a tad bit more info please mate:

    Match training
    General Training


  10. Well, I'm not insulting anyone, nor am I inviting anyone to insult me, fluid attacking 4-4-2 default worked for my friend. He didnt lose a single game in whole season, but that was fm2012, dunno if that works here. Anyway, it shouldnt be to difficult to create a tactic for the strongest team in the league. About all other info, everything you want to do is at your disposal, including opposition instructions, training etc. Link works, as far as I can tell.

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