Possession in more dangerous areas

  1. Possession in more dangerous areas


    I'm looking to recreate some what the way Barcelona play. Over the past few seasons I've played 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1 but have decided I want to play the 4-3-3 Barcelona style. I've used my current tactic for around 2/3 seasons with success every year but one of my main problems isn't possession, it's having that possession in dangerous areas of the pitch.

    Here are a few screenshots of my tactics and team.

    Possession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00001.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00006.jpg

    Eden Hazard, my answer to Lionel Messi.

    Possession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00002.jpg

    Ronaldo doesn't really need explaining

    Possession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00003.jpg

    Isco is well, Isco

    Possession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00004.jpg

    Youngster who is 'The next Xavi'

    Possession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00005.jpg

    The aim is to make this tactic play the free flowing tiki taka Barcelona play further up the field. Any help towards making my tactic better will be very much appreciated.

  2. A pity about the torn hamstring, though. :/

  3. If you want to keep possession in more advanced areas, increase the mentality of the DM. Usually in these Barca tactics the defensive midfielder has the lowest possible mentality and the shortest possible passing. This means that he rarely passes the ball forward. Also in the defensive phase he isn't as aggressive as he probably should be when tackling and trying to win the ball back.

    Busquets not only plays simple passes, but also plays the ball forward. Also both of the centre backs are able to pass the ball past the defensive midfielders to the attacking midfielders, so increasing the centre backs' passing from very short to a bit higher might be beneficial. Something you could try at least.

    Your "new Xavi" is a bit too weak to be a regular starter in a role as important as that I think. Lacks in concentration, creativity, off the ball, positioning and teamwork, maybe in some other skills also.

    You have also more expressive creative freedom together with very fluid style. I would limit the creative freedom for some players quite heavily.

  4. About the Expressive creative freedom together with Very fluid. Just wondering what your point is with this? Is it so players are in position more so more passes are available? I assumed creative freedom would make a possession tactic better for movement.

    Defenders and Midfielders player instructions

    Possession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00007.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00008.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00009.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00010.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00011.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00012.jpgPossession in more dangerous areas-2013-01-29_00013.jpg

  5. If you have too high creative freedom some of your players might try something you don't want them to try. Defensive players trying difficult through balls, players shoot from distance etc. That might lead to you losing possession too easily. Personally, I don't think that creative freedom affects movement that much.

    With good players you probably manage with higher creative freedom but for weaker players I would limit it.

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