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Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3
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  1. Still working post 13.3.2

    ​Hey guys

    I am a celtic supporter have been for life, and I have seen people put out barca/juve/real tactics etc and all have been very successful, this made me think of celtics most recent successful european adventure the road to seville where celtic were unfortunately beaten 3-2 in the final by porto.

    The team back then used a 352 system that was very direct and fast paced which helped big old Larsson build his legacy at the club. I built the tactic purely on the memory of those days so some bits may be innaccurate to fact.

    the shape :

    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-celtic_-tactics-team.png

    in Goal: just a standard shot stopper (forster is ok as a baseline)
    in defence: three man mountains, initially had the limited defender role, but as it suggests was too limited for simulation. These monsters if you remember Bobo Balde for example should be big, strong players who are exceptionally good in the air.
    in front of the defense the anchor man( guard dog ) current manager Neil Lennon played this role fantastically, chase down attacking players and hassle them into making mistakes and then playing a simple ball to someone more creative. I used simao for this role in the 1st team.
    2 CM's. all round centre mids, joe ledley is a good example of the type of player to look for here.
    wide players: Celtic did play with wing backs alan thompson and the pacey didier agathe. but this didnt seem to work in game so i pushed these forward to wide midfielders where adam matthews and emilio izaguerre have shined.
    up front the dream partnership, Sutton target man and the legend Larsson. set up as target man and advanced forward. I used john Daley from dundee united, he's been immense as target man, however replacing him with Destro at end of the year . advanced forward i prefer big strong strikers but to each his own wont make much difference.

    results have been phenomenal so far domestically unbeaten and having lost 2 competitive european matches. domestic dominance with Celtic is expected but to win the league with 10 games to go I was in shock. then with a team of celtics mediocrity at european level to beat Tottenham away from home along with a string of other teams is exceptional.
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-clydesdale-bank-premier-league_-overview-stages.png

    fixture list:
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-celtic_-fixtures-schedule.pngTactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-celtic_-fixtures-schedule-2.png

    Training: Has been left to the Assistant Manager
    Team Talks: I follow assistant managers advice unless I disagree with him, then I use what I feel appropriate to the situation.
    Shouts: I do not use shouts.

    I understand that this tactic has only been tested at Celtic and the SPL is not a competitive league but I feel the european results so far may count for something to using it in other leagues and will test in the EPL soon.

    Thanks for your time

    Still working now with newcastle 7 points clear at the top of the league in 3rd season:
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-newcastle-united_-fixtures-schedule.png

    Thought I would include this, not against the best team in world but still amazing and arsenal getting 0 shots in against me
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-newcastle-v-sk-sturm-graz_-overview-overview.pngTactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-newcastle-v-arsenal_-overview-overview.png
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  2. All domestics tied up and a cheeky little 1-0 victory over athletico madrid in the europa final
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-uefa-europa-league_-matches-fixtures-results.png

    An achievement for Celtic in the first season.

    Testing about to begin in the EPL with Tottenham.

  3. Looks good, might try this with Liverpool when I get bored of my Arsenal save. What do you think of Agger, Skrtel and Coates as a back 3 with Lucas as the anchor. Gerrard would be a solid CM. What about Sturridge and Suarez up front?
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  4. I can see that working mate, Suarez might not be the best TM but he could do the job better than some others I guess, the rest of the guys mentioned should fit perfectly.

  5. ten competitive games in with spurs one defeat coming to a lucky chelsea side, I have struggled to find the back of the net however as the tactic is still not fluid in all area's.
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-tottenham-hotspur_-fixtures-schedule.png

    further update with tottenham, 5 game win streak no goals conceded
    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-tottenham-hotspur_-fixtures-schedule-2.png
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  6. Last update from Tottenham test, tactic looks good 1 defeat till christmas to the hands of chelsea before the tactic became fluid final results show the tactic does work in england with both arsenal and man city powerless to withstand defeat.

    Tactic Based on the road to seville 2003 patch 13.2.3-tottenham-hotspur_-fixtures-schedule-3.png

  7. even though your celtic it looks impressive
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  8. i'm delighted with it, especially after the tottenham testing, i'm going to start a new long term save with this and build a team around it in the english leagues

  9. Starting this with Nottingham Forest, I have a bit of money to spend so do you recommend any specific players?
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  10. Hi mate sorry, I cant recommend any for nottingham forrest, I am unfamiliar with the team, and which players will go to them. I can only suggest follow the player roles for the most important stats then build from there.

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