Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*
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  1. Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*

    Hi all,

    Download Link:

    (NOTE - I'm currently working on version 2, so I will post updates once I have completed some testing).

    I recently started a new save for my Real Madrid team, but rather than try to recreate their tactics or any number of other modern tactics, I figured I would see how Los Merengues would get on using the tactics and formation of a truly legendary team - Brazil from the 1970 World Cup. (Not to mention how I would actually get on trying to imitate said tactics!) Here is the original:

    Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*-brazil-1970.jpg

    I started delving around this forum for in-game tactics, but could only find one (old) topic here, in the FM12 section, from November 2011 Brazil 1970 4-2-4

    Using this as my starting point, and also realising that C.Ronaldo (who would play my "Jairzinho" role) favours the left side of the pitch as opposed to Jairzinho's favoured right, I decided to mirror the Brazil formation thus:

    Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*-real-madrid-c.f._-tactics-team.png

    Of course, if you have a decent right-sided Inside Forward (and there are plenty) then simply swap my "mirrored" tactic back to the original. I do highly recommend whichever Inside Forward you use, they have a high Finishing stat as the position in this tactic is expected to score a lot of goals.

    The next challenge came from using the in-game tactical screens to re-create the original team - and of course then win some matches!

    I started with the (right sided) C.Alberto / Jairzinho roles - taken in my team by (left sided) Marcelo / C.Ronaldo. As you can see I have set Marcelo with an Attack duty and Ronaldo right up the pitch as an Inside Forward. Whilst on the screenshot above it appears C.Ronaldo is level with the Forward line, in matches he is actually slightly withdrawn, just like Jairzinho. As an example, note the position of number 7 (C.Ronaldo) on the 2 heat maps from matches below:

    Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*-real-madrid-c.f._-fixtures-analysis.png

    Next was central midfield. Clodoaldo rarely ventured forward and so I have set his position as a Ball Winning Midfielder with a Defend duty. I originally tried a Defensive Midfield position, but thought that was too deep. Gerson's position I have set as a Deep Lying Playmaker / Support as he did venture forwards whilst still having defensive duties. (Note the relevant heat map positions in central midfield above).

    Rivelino (or the so-called "false winger") is my AMCR position set as Winger/Support.

    Now to Pele and Tostao. Whilst the positioning is relatively straight forward (a centralised Trequartista role for "Pele" and a Deep Lying Forward for "Tostao") in game this is much more difficult, especially when bringing the "Jairzinho" role back into the equation. Remember that most goals came from Pele and Jairzinho, not Tostao. After much experimentation I eventually settled on the following tactical settings:
    - the overall Team tactic is to have Focus Passing down the left flank
    - the DLF is set to "Support" so he will come deep and free up space behind for both the Inside Forward and Trequartista
    - the DLF and Treq. are further set to "swap positions" in the individual player tactics
    - the Treq./Pele role is set to playmaker, target man is the Inside Forward.

    Still not ideal, but the nearest I have got to the original yet.

    In terms of results, the following speaks for itself:

    Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*-real-madrid-c.f._-fixtures-schedule.png

    No losses, one draw (in pre-season) and goals a-plenty.

    Obviously I am only a few months in yet, haven't won anything and I'm sure the game's AI will start to cotton on soon, but I am very pleased with the current form.

    Training - pre season, Team Cohesion set to high until friendlies start, then Balanced + Average.

    Match Preparation - I rotate 4 different preparations: All home matches are either Attacking Movement or Att. Set Pieces in turn. All away matches are either Defensive Positioning or Def. Set Pieces in turn. If I get three home or away matches in succession I'll use Teamwork as the match prep for the 3rd one.

    Opposition Instructions - always use my Assistant Manager for these. Needs to have good tactical knowledge though.

    Pre-Match talk - Assertively say whatever the Ass. Manager recommends.

    Half time talk - Winning: (assertively) keep it up lads / happy with your performance
    Drawing - usually assertive + keep going and the result will come, unless they played poorly in which case switch to aggressive.
    Losing - always aggressive.

    Full time talk - assertive + good win / happy with your performance.

    Shouts - I don't use them. The individual player tactics are so tweaked I don't want to muck about with anything extra.

    Substitutions - after about 55-60 mins, sub anyone with a match rating or condition significantly less than the rest of the team - for example, if the team average rating is 7.0, I would sub anyone with a rating of 6.4 or less.

    If anyone has anything to add or suggestions for improvement, please feel free
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  2. do you use shouts for this?

  3. interesting tactic. next season on this tactic.
    1 question on Khadira's position, can use any DM player?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wiizzi View Post
    interesting tactic. next season on this tactic.
    1 question on Khadira's position, can use any DM player?
    I don't see why not. I use either Khedira or Alonso in this position at present, however will probably invest in a new midfielder for next season. It's a pretty high tempo tactic, so decent stamina and work rate are as important as tackling, marking and passing. Individual tactics for mentality and creative freedom are set quite low but they still need to be able to make some passes. Fellaini is quite high on my shopping list.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cragswfc View Post
    do you use shouts for this?
    Oops, forgot that and match prep / training. Will amend the OP.

    (short answer - no shouts).

  6. ill recommend before season starts, after holidays. to invite manually alot low and middle level tems for friendlies, before season starts can play like 15 friendlies.local teams are very cheap to invite, and team gain alot from this friendlies.let assistant lead friendlies games.

  7. btw, no link yet?

  8. I'm the biggest fan of hazard and have found that despit his relatively average finishing ability(12) he scores very easily so... I look forward to using this tactic to give hazard FIFA BALLOND'OR
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  9. I've always been a big fan of the 1970 Brazil team. I think they are arguably the best national team ever assembled. I'd love to be able to see them play against the current WC winner Spain team.


    Do you think this tactic would work with Newcastle? I'm going to re-mirror it again though:


    Jairzinho -> Hatem Ben Arfa: Probably the best right winger/inside forward in the game.

    Rivelino -> Jonas Gutierrez/Wellington Nem: They made Gutierrez into a wide left midfielder instead of a winger in 2013 so I think he will be perfect to emulate the great Rivelino. Start His run deep and use his pace and dribbling to terrorize the left side.

    Pele -> ?

    Tostao -> ?

    Gerson -> Yohan Cabaye: A very creative midfielder with good vision for killer through balls. I think He is the perfect match to play as Gerson.

    Clodoaldo -> Cheick Tiote: Strong, Robust, Versatile. He will be the rock in midfield.

    Carlos Alberto -> Davide Santon: I probably will have to re-train Santon into RB position because NUFC have nobody decent at RB.

    LB, CBs and GK (in that order): Ryan Taylor, S. Taylor, Coloccini, Tim Krul.

    Who do you think would be the perfect players to emulate pele and tostao? I could probably sell Cisse for $30-35M and Ba for 8M so if you could suggest a couple of players I would appreciate it.

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