JP Woody's Juventus/Conte Tactic Revised

  1. JP Woody's Juventus/Conte Tactic Revised

    I took the basic instructions from JP's 3-5-2 Juve tactic and changed it up a little bit. I used JP's team instructions but changed the shape of the formation. I swapped out one of the strikers and replaced him with a Trequartista, playing in front of the ball winning midfielder. Finally, I changed the remaining Striker to a target man. I based this tactic off of this article:

    As always feel free to change up the tactic and tweak it to your liking!

    FIRST GAME: 1st Rangers 7-0 2nd Stenhousemuir Tons of CCCs. 60% Possession
    Second Game: Old Firm Derby Rangers 1-0 Celtic Absolute scrap of a game. More chances than Celtic. 58% Possession. Only goal came from a set piece
    Third Game: 5th Fofar 0-4 1st Rangers 90% of the starting XI were subs. Tons of chances, 59% possession

    JP Woody's Juventus/Conte Tactic Revised-screen-shot-2013-04-02-12.19.59-vin.pngJP Woody's Juventus/Conte Tactic Revised-screen-shot-2013-04-02-12.20.21-vin.png

    DOWNLOAD: Juventus Tactic.tac
    Used this tactic on my Porto save, got along quite well. 3rd in the League, won the League Cup, and reached the Quarter Finals of the CL (Screwed on away goals). Strangest thing about this tactic is that 80% of the goals come from the two Center Mids. I've used Paul Pogba and Rafinha (Barca one) and they both scored 20+ goals, Pogba was the second highest league scorer. I would like to figure out how to make the Striker score more because I have 5 excellent Strikers that are an absolute waste, Neymar being one. If anyone could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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  2. GOnna try! Used the old version with verry mutch succes! Till the stupid updates came...

    A few questions: Type of players? And match prep???

    Should the target man be a strong good heading one again?

    Thnx again!

    I'm playing with arsenal: first match with this one: Newcastle away 1-2 win, and i was better.
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  3. have u asked JP your permission to release this because it is still sort of his work

  4. I didn't ask no, but it is all his I thought I made it clear in the description. Its my version of his tactic. All credit to him

  5. according to that article they use wing-backs

  6. 3 back formation?
    EDIT: Oh mate im a bellend, the right and left mids act as wing backs
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