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Playing away from home

  1. Playing away from home

    Hey guys..

    I am trying to figure out how to maximize my performance when playing away from home.. I am currently undefeated through 3 seasons at home with Real Madrid, but the advantage i have at home is neutralized by the disadvantage i have away from home.

    Anyone has any tips on passing style, strategy, style, formation or anything that had worked for you playing away.

    Thanks in advance

  2. what formation do you play and who is in your squad currently?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by lsamped View Post
    what formation do you play and who is in your squad currently?
    Dont bother to much with it, i was thinking more like general rules you guys would use or anything else you do when playing away from home..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by zinedinezidane10 View Post
    Dont bother to much with it, i was thinking more like general rules you guys would use or anything else you do when playing away from home..
    In the end, It would depend heavily on the players you use and the formation and overall aproach,

    Lets say you have no wingers and play a narrow diamond, then the style of play would need to be different than in a wide 4231 without any DMC. In a narrow formation, one should make the FCs drift even wider to stretch the defence when launching a counter attack butu when playing a more probing football, its the wingbacks that should provide the width.

    If using a Wide 4231, then the Wingers should perhaps try to get inside the area more when away from home ( just like the opposite to the strikers in the narrow Diamond)

    Also, try to figyre out how you want the flow of the match to be when aay from home. Do you want to sit deep and counter, push up and play counter ( pretty dangerous away from home) or would you like to be in control of the game ( control rather than counter). Sometimes, Counter can be much, much more attacking than Control so dont look at the strategies as Def-Counter-Stan-Contr-Att-Over as in a rank of defensive to attacking.
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  5. As an example. IN my Forest save in 2024 now, I am the best team in the world and I actually play with lots of width, playing really agressive and using COUNTER at home but when away, I drop deeper using by using a DMC ( the d-line is effected by this) and play short passing ( less width) and try to retaing possession and usingCONTROL. Naturally, I react to what I see on the pitch so If being 1-0 up and the opponent pushes up their fullbacks, I switch to counter and hit direct ball into channels instead
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  6. Example 2:

    One more thing that people tend to neglect/ middunderstand is the focus passing ( flanks, mixed, middle)

    The thing is, when I play my Wide 4231 at home and I expect the opponents to flood the midfield, I actually use the MIDDLE. I use lots width but as my opponents are likely to sit deeper and play compact, getting the ball to my central mids gets their DMC, Mcs forward to close us down and then, BANG, they hit the ball out wide to my wingers and attacking and supporting fullbacks that now have all the space in the world. Then, their mids all of a sudden need to go out wide to lose then down, providing my attacking MC, my AMC, my AML/R on the other flank and FC to find space. This can also go for when facing a really, really good team at home,

    When playing away to a team that whilst not being bad still have good players, I either use the flanks or mixed , but with less width. here, the space is actually found inside and by using the flanks more, we draw their players out wide intially so that the t-balls and easy passes are mae from there instead. This way, we drag them apart by the movement of the Mcs as they move into channels rather than our wingers.

    ( think Bayern M and how they play against different teams in Germany and away to top teams in the CL)
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