Unable to read text color
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  1. Unable to read text color

    I am unable to read some of the text i.e attributes, inbox messages, because the font color is too faint. It occurred after I tried to find a darker skin and downloaded the FMC skin. After using it, I didn't like it so reverted back to the default and this occurred.
    How do I fix this?

    Much appreciated, cheers.
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  2. same with me starting to piss me off

  3. Try going to preferences, interface and then the skin colours tab and change the colours there

  4. have changed the tabs but all i seem to do is change the attribute numbers and not he text

  5. Yeah seems to do only just that...

  6. #6
    I'm also having this problem on my desktop. would love to know how to fix it

    it works fine on my laptop though

  7. Any news on this front? When the beta was over and full game released, it seemed to fix itself after a steam update. However, I just downloaded a new update and now the text color has turned a light orange, still very hard to read...

  8. i have the same problem, i also bought that high visibility unlockable to see the text but i still cant

  9. ive fixed the issue for fmc, all you have to do is delete any skins you have downloaded then go to preferences - reload skin
    worked for me

  10. this may be considered cheating but i downloaded a dark skin for fm 13 and i can see all text fine now.

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