players not signing

  1. players not signing

    I am doing tons of contacts they get agreed everything fine.

    6 or 7 days later it says "contact talks broke down couldn't agree personal times"

    i cant sign ANY players!!

  2. yeah a few of my mates are having this issue too defo a bug

  3. DanWalsallFC
    Walsall First Team
    A few people are having this problem. I am really hoping if it happens, then it happens at the very start of a game so you can just start again. Otherwise if it randomly happens say 3-4 seasons into a game I'd be seriously pissed off.

  4. any solutions to this?

  5. My mate is having the same problem, happens every time we start a season in June. We have tried a few times starting the season in July and it seems to work then so try that.

  6. Seems like it still does it in July, he was able to sign 1 player then all the other deals fell through :s

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