Player's not sticking to position.

  1. Player's not sticking to position.

    Right, seem to be getting a problem with players sticking to positions which I've set them to. Started using Raikan's 'Might & Magic' tactic so have got the 4-2-2-2 formation with United.

    Usually line up with Rooney as the DLF and Van Persie as the AF but they don't stick to these positions and end up swapping over, now this isn't a massive problem with these two as they can both play each. The problem comes when I play Hernandez & Welbeck, place them in the AF slot with usually RVP or Rooney as the DLF. Still come to check the tactics in game and they've swapped over which makes them both perform badly as Hernandez/Welbeck don't have the necessary stats to be playing DLF.

    Thought it was just the strikers that were causing me problems but the two centre mids have done it a couple of times and recently in a game Vidic got sent off so I subbed RVP and brought on Evans, Rooney was left as the lone striker. Got the message from the assistant saying Rooney should be played in a more familiar role so checked the tactic and somehow Rooney had been moved to CB and Evans was the lone striker.

    Any help is appreciated as at the moment it's making the game somewhat unplayable.

    Edit: Problem solved, I'm an idiot.
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  2. i had this issue, how was it sorted?

  3. How can I fix this?

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