My game has changed to FM Classic mid-season!

  1. My game has changed to FM Classic mid-season!

    I started a game in career mode yesterday, and got to around November in the season. I loaded it up this morning and its changed to the FMC skin, and seems to think my game is in classic mode- I can't give team talks etc, the whole interface is different, and I can't change it back. I've tried going in to preferences, and under the skin option it now only has "FMC" instead of the fm 2013 one. Ive also tried resetting to default settings and re-loading it, but no luck with that either.
    Anyone know how to fix this?

  2. Same problem, driving me mad!

  3. same here. need a solution!

  4. Resituation

    The same here brav need a solution real pissed off I should have just baught the game in January it came with a lot of bullshit this time can't even create players this is some bull****

  5. Has someone found a solution to this?

    Has someone found a solution to this?

    This just happened to me about 4 games in to my second season.



  7. #7
    Had the same problem in my Murcia save, but I have no idea how to solve this problem

  8. Theres a setting at the bottom of 'preferences' that says 'restore to default'. I pressed this and then quit the game and started it up again and it was fixed hope this helps

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