Can't register for Euro Cup

  1. Can't register for Euro Cup


    I have played a game already with Man United and I got through registration for champions league fine, but just started again with Napoli and the game is asking me to resgiter for the next stage of the euro cup (for the first time in this save, just after transfer window). Anyway, I get the email and try to respond but it wont work. When I click on the respond button it takes me straight to the squad selection page. The area for team registration is greyed out, and I can move past this until a team is registered.

    (On this squad seletion page up in the top right, you have another little menu that has shirt numbers, and registration, this registration part is what I mean when I say it's greyed out)

    I only just started so it's not so bad, just I feel like I've spend 5-6 hours scouting players and staff, setting tactics and finally getting a few wins unlike Man U where I got sacked

  2. Isn't the greyed out one next to shirt numbers the league registration? Could you try and explain this more clearly for me, I sort of got lost reading the second half of the first paragraph

  3. Sorry doing from my cellphone cause work blocks cookies

    So I get the email saying "Please register for next stage of euro cup". It is just after the first transfer window.

    I use the wee respond button down the bottom right of the email. In previous in Man U (and other FM games) it takes you to squad registration page and has down the bottom the Home Grown players rule, no more than 25 ect. When I click that same button in this game, it just takes me to my full squad selection tactics list area. There are no in/out drop down menus next to players or anything. It's like the squad registration is missing, and the game doesn't let me continue. Sorry, that doesn't explain it very well might be better with a screenshot when I get home.

  4. Same problem here. its kinda impossible to continue the game cause i have to finish the registration but i am not able to do

  5. Go on holiday to pass that time period and the computer will do it for you.

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