Memory Dangerously Low

  1. Memory Dangerously Low


    I'm unable to load my save game due to a 'memory dangerously low' error. Has anybody any advice on how to overcome this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I've posted this here, the Steam forums and the SI forums and not one reply. It's an absolute joke that a game can be released and not be playable. I mean what is the Beta for? Is it not to test problems and fix them? Why is the Beta period so short? Can you really test problems in such a short time?

  3. its a problem on your end not the game, i played the BETA and am now playing the full game along with alot of other people, the reason you probably havent had a response is because no-one really knows the answer, try and google it but i would say its to do with your computer

  4. Well the game reports a memory error, when there isn't one. In fact it was a graphics error as updating my graphics driver allowed me to play the saved game. It's very strange as I was able to start new games without the update. Furthermore I played the beta and full game without any problems until last night when I tried to load a saved game. I do much more CPU hogging things than FM and the laptop works perfectly. I'd say that it's a problem with the game, myself. There's no way a saved game shouldn't load due to memory errors but a new game does. Furthermore how does updating your graphics driver fix a memory error?

    Anyway, it's all irrelevant as I'm good to go. If anybody gets the same issue, simply update your graphics driver. There's details on how to do it on the FAQ section.

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