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Not able to get into tactic screen during game

  1. Not able to get into tactic screen during game

    I have eventually started to give Fm13 a proper try (Demo) before I buy the game later this week.. and its going quite a bit better actually enjoying it slightly (just need this damn patch to come out)

    I went into my tactics screen about 60 min into the game and changed player settings, nothing else.. went back to the pitch and got this for the rest of the game.. I could not change anything, make subs or use shouts to try and control the game more.. Not sure if this is a bug.. I had this a few times with Fm12 (and I cannot remember how to fix it)

    Not able to get into tactic screen during game-juventus-v-roma_-pitch-full.png
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  2. I think you fucked up the attachment pal
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  3. thanks Dunc, uploaded the wrong one and going advanced ALWAYS fucks the layout up for some reason...

  4. tried clicking cancel pending changes but did not change a thing either, tried exiting the game (clicking on a players attributes) then going back, still nothing

  5. I have this as well! So annoying!! It's after you change one thing, then you cant afterwards. I changed something 10 min into a game, and are under massive pressure... Think its a loss and i can't do anything about it now lol

  6. i have the same problem in fmc !!!!!!!any ideas?????????

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