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The Fm13 Bug and ME flaw thread
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  1. The Fm13 Bug and ME flaw thread

    Seeing as though we are getting hundreds of complaints with this years edition (I still have quite a few myself) I thought lets have a thread where you can list your gripes and bugs and vent...

    SI have announced there should be a patch before the end of the month, the fixes for this include:

    Match v1313

    - Refined position of d-line and also the lines in front of it when defending
    - Brought wingers a bit deeper when defending
    - Weaker players more likely to favour direct passes quicker
    - Improved short pass accuracy slightly
    - Tried to increase number of crosses slightly
    - Fine tuned shot accuracy
    - Fixed some minor player on ball decision bugs
    - Improved trajectory of medium length kicks like free kick shots and corners
    - Made players better at offering out ball to team mate
    - Tried to improve player reactions to deflected balls or tackles
    - Made players more willing to slide tackle when opportunity and need arises
    - Fixed some unnatural save directions from keepers
    - Fixed keepers trying to save ball at wrong point when its heading for post or bar
    - Made players slightly better at turning body while on the run
    - Made strongest player stand ground when 2 players collide while going for a header
    - Made goal celebration paths a little bit more varied
    - Fixed comms saying ball well wide when not really that far wide
    - Some ball physics collision tweaks
    - Some team talk fixes

    We can always send this through to SI to see what other updates can be made for future patches.. It is rather pointless starting a thread and complaining instead of actually listing the problems so that we as the community can see the changes we want to see!

    1) Players taking throw ins throw the ball straight into the goal, Chiellini just scored a goal straight from a throw in
    2) Not able to get into tactic screen during game
    3) seen my wingers with no one around them running the ball straight out into touch as well
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  2. I would also like to see SI remove the setting that loads up the old "analysis" type of loading screen when you click the middle of the match result to see that stats.. it must go straight to the stats screen like it used to!

  3. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    One thing: can people actually upload screens and pkms so they can be passed on to SI, otherwise they might as well use the Frustrations thread. Lets actually make this constructive.
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  4. im not sure but, theres several problems ive been facing..

    1. cant access tactics, shout and make substitution during a game ( i hate when it happen )
    2. Coaching assignment mess up ( it automatically change the assignment )

  5. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    Quote Originally Posted by dragokrazov View Post
    im not sure but, theres several problems ive been facing..

    1. cant access tactics, shout and make substitution during a game ( i hate when it happen )
    2. Coaching assignment mess up ( it automatically change the assignment )
    Both noted by SI.
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  6. lets keep this going! want to try and get SI to sort out as many gripes and bugs as possible before the patch is released..

  7. FMC Needs to be able to load a bigger database - 3 countries isn't enough (can't even pick a 'large' database!)

  8. 1) keepers still kicking long from goal kick despite 'defender collect/distribute to...' instruction. Was supposed to be solved in 13.1.1 but I still see this happening a lot tbh
    2) too many long shots especially from central midfielders, even with 'long shots rarely' instruction
    3) players tend to play quick, short, one-touch passes too often regardless of instructions
    4) maybe that's just me but I feel many of my players generally tend to ignore my tactical orders and play the way they want to... might be somewhat realistic to some extent, but not very rewarding I think.
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  9. The main flaws are:
    1) The instructions are not applied so the teams play too attacking and for example you see the dm(anchor) run with the ball from box to box, you see the mc and amc's go all the way inside the box and this makes the strikers be a useless part of the game, unless the ball accidentally comes to them so they can finish. This is why in my opinion the strikers don't have an important part in this game and why tactics is so hard.
    2) The zonal marking makes defending players act dumb as they stop pursuing the ball even though they are alone and have all the time in the world to clear it. This almost every time results in the opposing player taking his time and stealing the ball to proceed scoring.
    3) Another flaw are the clearances. It has happened multiple times that the ball was going outside the field for my team and my players kept trying to save it by pumping it inside my own box.
    4) Goalkeepers can stop almost every one on one when the striker is in front of them but when it is a winger shooting from a weird angle they behave very strangely and almost always get beaten.
    5) Roles are not applied at all. If you ask Van Persie to stay in the box, not to roam and not to hold up the ball, it doesn't matter. He will hold up the bal, run on both sides, the inside forward wingers with opposite leg, almost never act as 2nd strikers and just search for cross with their weak leg.
    6) Results on the leagues are very balanced. I played two whole seasons in Greek Superleague and near ending with a few wins a team can rise from 7th or 8th position to the leading the board.
    To sum up the main problems are that players ignore the tactics, they tend to go all together all over the pitch which pushes strikers out of play and a few AI glitches. Finally none of the normal tactics that major teams use can be used for the above reasons and you tend to use 4-6-0 or 5-4-1 with these major teams in order to win matches that shouldn't be able to lose.

  10. 1. Having my general training on "Very High" intensity doesnt seem to tire player out any more than "High" or "Average".
    2. No way of altering pitch size
    3. No way of sending your team on a pre/mid season training camp
    4. Every team, no matter their philosophy.playing style, playing short, fast passing football around opposition boxes. I have never seem Stoke do this in real life but against me they were the best at it and Barcelona the worst.
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