Crash... early on in new game

  1. Crash... early on in new game

    Hey all...

    I start a new game... about 20 odd leagues, large db, says my star rating is 4!!!

    4.2Ghz CPU, 8Gb RAM, 2Gb ATI Gfx card...

    Then FM just crashes back to the desktop, no error messages, no warning....

    Any ideas??


  2. Run less leagues.

  3. Why? I have more than enough RAM? A decent processor??

    FM2012 coped??

    This seems to be seriously "buggy" think I will remove it till a decent patch is produced...

  4. Nothing to do with a patch.

    Do you get a crash dump message?

    Common crash problems are discussed here - but as i explain, the problem is usually an issue on your system. Could be anything from out of date drivers to registry errors, anything imaginable.

    Try everything in that thread, if nothing works then post in the thread for further help.

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