Right, So I Preordered FM2013 and received the Beta version of the game. Downloaded the custom face packs and logos from sortitoutsi, installed them and played the game with no problems at all. Yesterday, I got an update which probably was to activate the full game. The full game looks absolutely amazing.

However, I started to experience random crashes during processing. At first, these came once every few hours or so and then escalated to every hour. Now It crashes every time I hit continue and I dont know what to do.

It is strange that I did not have this problem with the beta but with the full game I do. I am pretty sure the problem lies with the game as I never have crashes on my mac. i have deleted cache an dont have antivirus. Threads discussing this issue are being deleted on the SI forums which also is strange.

These crashes are ruining my experience of what looks like potentially the best game SI has released. I cant post my error report because this website tell me I have 22 images and i get an error. PLEASE HELP ME!!!