Continuing a game on a different laptop?

  1. Continuing a game on a different laptop?

    Hi im new on here so sorry if this is in the wrong place etc...

    is it possible to start a game on one laptop then using steam continue it on a new laptop?


  2. You will need to save your existing game onto a usb stick or an email etc, then put the file into sports interactive documents under games

  3. ahh ok cool. so it is possible just takes a bit of effort? isnt as simple as saving it on steam and then loading steam account up on new laptop..?

    cheers for your help.

  4. No wish it was that simple. Steam only stores the game. All tactics, graphics and save games are stored on your hard drive. Just copy what you want to a usb stick or even use a file sharing or cloud storage site like mediafire or dropbox to transfer them

  5. Okie dokie. Thanks!

    Just considering buying the game atm, however, my old laptop hasnt got a hope in hell of running the game so was going to try it on my parents laptop first then if its worth it ive been thinking about buying a new laptop to run it on. Would rather spend £30 on the game then if i enjoy justify a new laptop than buy a new laptop and then not enjoy the game...!

  6. I use dropbox to do this. I save my game in dropbox and then just load it from the dropbox folder on the other computer. Just make sure dropbox completed the update before you shutdown the first machine and then it completed the download on the 2nd before loading.

    It won't copy graphics etc but you only need to do those once on each system.

  7. Where can I find the saved game?

    Found it.
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