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    Whilst I understand this isn't a bug, I still thought this the best place to put my query. Feel free to move it to the 'correct; place.

    I recently upgraded to Windows 8 and after about an hour of telling myself it will get better as I get used to it, I exploded. I just couldn't take to the teenager friendly OS. So I installed Linux and I'm a happy camper again. However as I knew already this was going to be an issue as I wouldn't be able to play my favourite and in fact only game, Football Manager. I'd tried Wine before and never got FM to work through it, the same rang true in my recent attempt, so I installed Virtual Box, installed Windows 7 Home and used my legit product key on the bottom of my laptop and ran it through virtual box, meaning I was running Windows 7 as a virtual PC. However after spending four hours installing FM13 from Steam, it now tells me that it has detected a virtual PC and thus it refuses to work on it. This isn't because it isn't able to - I didn't get that far - it's because Sega have obviously implemented this. What I want to ask is why? I have a legit copy of Windows, abing by the EULA and I have a legit copy of FM13, so what is my crime and why am I being prevented from playing the game I purchased?

    Does anybody know of a way I can play my game?

    Your help is greatly appreciated
    Many thanks

  2. It might just be that VM's don't support 3D/2D graphics acceleration which might be why Steam won't let you game on a VM.

  3. It does support 3D graphics, in fact I spent a good hour setting it up. As I said, it isn't that it quits out because of any hardware problems, it didn't get that far, it's because they have implemented it, for some reason.

  4. Furthermore, I don't think it's Steam that isn't letting it run, as Steam runs fine, the game downloads fine, it's when it's actually installing that it cancels out due to Sega detecting a Virtual PC.

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