Fan running constantly

  1. Fan running constantly

    The fan seems to run constant in my laptop only when playing FM is this normal anyone,as well as this it seems to heat up considerably.Im using a cooler but i dont think the fan should run as long should it??

  2. happens to me as well, i have just learnt to accept that i need to use a cooler, mind you my laptop is 3 years old...

  3. Yeah mines is about 4year old too thats maybe what could be causing it i think but i dunno,unless anybody else maybe knows a definitive answer?

  4. I have the same problem on a macbook pro from 2011, i5 with 8 gigs of ram... Not really normal I suppose...

    Has anyone used the app "normally" on a simmiliar mac???

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  5. I've the same problem too. As do a lot of my mates who bought the game.

  6. ATM my laptop is red hot,but i have a cooler underneath so should be ok i hope!!!!

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