Fm13 on mac problems

  1. Fm13 on mac problems

    I have been playing the new FMon my macbook pro and its running all fine, but...
    The fan is spinning non stop, on activity monitor CPU usage is mostly around 130-200%, which can't be normal for a game like this.

    I think my mac should handle it without any problems. It's an early 2011 macbook pro, i5, 8 gigs of ram on 10.8.2 mlion.

    Has anyone had simmiliar problems, or does it work "normally" for you guys on the mac?

    Any info would be helpfull.

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  2. Yeah, i have. Not sure there is a lot we can do about it though. I have to play with a pillow on my lap because it gets too hot!!!

  3. Yup... same problem here. It sucks the life out of both my CPU and my memory.
    I have the same macbook as you..

    If I remember right it was a problem with the memory in FM12 as well.. Eating the memory as it was crackers...

  4. The usage is ridicules, I'm affraid to play the game for longer streches, I really don't wanna damage my comp for a game.
    Hope that next year they can at least try to optimize the game intead of only packing features in it.

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  5. Well, FM13 is nearly useless for me atm.. I´m going back to FM12 till the next patch.

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