Online game freezes..please help

  1. Online game freezes..please help

    Hi all, when i join an online game, i usually read my news then go to tactics, then thats it, i cant click on anything else for about 10 mins then the game seems to catch up, i have tried having my firewall on and off but does the same, can anyone help???????

  2. I have the same problem. About 30 secs after I join a game, my game freezes and I can't do anything.

  3. Same problem her sadly. Three player game, with two of us based in Denmark, and the third temporary based in Hawaii. The game runs smooth for us in Denmark, but from Hawaii the game freezes after a couple of minutes. Until then, the game runs smooth for him as well though, so i guess it should be playable. In FM11 we had no problems at all, even with him on the other side of the planet. Any clues?

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