'Preparing to launch'.....
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  1. 'Preparing to launch'.....

    Morning chaps,

    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, in a bit of a rush so haven't had the chance to look through all the posts yet.

    Basically, I bought the game on Thursday and wasted my whole night trying to get the game to work, but couldn't get past the 'preparing to launch' stage (nothing happens). I have a macbook, not sure if this makes a difference or not. Have tried various suggested methods, deleted and reinstalled both game and steam, still the same issue. I'm assuming it's a steam fault. Very, very frustrating. If somebody could help me get this sorted I would be eternally grateful.

    Cheers in advance,


  2. When the game finishes "preparing to launch", the screen goes dark like less than 1 second and then nothing happens?

  3. That's right mate. Same thing happening for you then?

  4. Yeah, I have a HP laptop and an iMac. I can perfectly play in my laptop, but, every time I try to play in the iMac that happens... Let me ask you a question, do you have the lastest software update, the OS X Mountain Lion?

  5. I don't mate, mines version 10.5.8. Is that where the issue lies then?

  6. I believe that to play Football Manager 2013 you need at least the OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). I have the same version as you.

  7. That's ridiculous isn't it? Looks like i'll be returning the game then. Not happy at all

  8. I'm afraid it is not ridiculous, the specifications stated that a requirement of 10.6 or above would be required. Specifcations should be checked before purchasing a game. Assumption is the mother of all f*ck up's!

  9. Not all of us are in the know with these sort of things matey, and the fact that I've never had any issues with the previous football manager's means it's not something that I would naturally have considered when purchasing the game. Is there absolutely no way around this then? Other than having to pay to upgrade my Mac?

  10. I'm afraid not, the only solution is buying the OS X Snow Leopard version, or, if you have any friend who has it, ask him to lend it to you

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