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Black Screen?

  1. Black Screen?


    So here is the deal, i wanted to add a skin to my game and i did but then i accidently clickd to change it to default and it said "loading skin please wait" you know that bs. And that toke forever, so i thought it wasnt responding so i just turned off the game, after that i went to start it up again and i get Black Screen after all that advertisement stuff is shown (sega ..blabla..bla..) ... What to do?
    Do i have to uninstall and then install again? all my stuff will be gone? (kits,logos etc)
    I got the game from steam. No cd.

  2. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
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    I'd suggest you to uninstall and install again. Anf if it's your logos, kits, saves, etc you're worried about, then just copy your Football Manager 2013folder (think it's in "documents") to another location, so that when the game has been uninstalled and installed, you can just move the folder back to "documents".

  3. Does your screen looks like this?

    Black Screen?-fm-2012-11-16-20-47-54-49.png

  4. DaSiimM, ye i guess i have to reinstall , would like to know why this happend but i guess i fkd something up cuz iv been adding stuff all day.
    Bernardo, no it dosent, my screen is all black.

  5. same problem here,,reinstaling the game doesn't work

  6. does it happen when you go to play a match? if so i have the same problem.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Bernardo Cortes View Post
    Does your screen looks like this?

    Attachment 283298

    I have this problem, please help me

  8. Thought it was just me, thank the lord. Happens when you change it to dark as well, and even downloaded a skin from here, nothing changes

    Black Screen?-dodgy.jpg

  9. To Fix this problem press Alt + SHIFT + F10
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