Still on patch 13.0.0.

  1. Still on patch 13.0.0.

    When I turned on my laptop this morning, Steam started to update FM13 and it completed it, but when I go to start a new game I only have the option for patch 13.0.0. I've tried restarting my laptop but still get the same result, anyone have a clue why?

  2. No, you have the option for database 13.0.0

    Patches and databases are different, all the patches so far are for bug fixes, they haven't edited the database, so everyone is still running the original db.

  3. Okay thanks, but are there database updates? Because 13.0.0 is the only option I have.

  4. The database has not been changed since release, the only option is 13.0.0

    There will be another patch before Christmas that is likely to have some database changes in it, ie Di Matteo sacked, Leeds new ownership etc.

    When the January transfer window closes, they will get on with making the final patch, which will include all the transfers and other db changes, it is released usually in late February.

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