My news colour has gone pink?!?!!

  1. My news colour has gone pink?!?!!

    All my news writing has turned into pink ?! Then when i open the news it goes white so i cant even see what the news is, players for loaned out have changed aswell ?! Could this be my graphic card, ive gone to preferences and skin colours and restored default colours but still the same ?! Please someone help me lol

  2. It's the official "13.1.3 Gay Pride" update.

    Actually have no idea, I can only presume it is related to your graphics though.

  3. Yeah mine has done the same but has gone white. So I can't read anything and also with all his attributes. If you have fixed it please tell me how. Thanks

  4. Hey mate, yeah mine has gone back to normal mate, i downloaded all graphics like logos, kits and stuff i deleted all them, set my settings back to default, unticked skin cache etc then when i started new game it was back to normal mate, but my loan players and attributes where different but i just changed them back to normal!

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