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Savegame Converter ? is there such a thing ?

  1. Savegame Converter ? is there such a thing ?

    Due to HDD space issues and now that i am well into FM 13 i decided to delete FM 12 however when i came to the Savegame folder i saw some saves that i would have wanted to come back to at a later date. Which made me think- Has somebody ever developed a Savegame file converter to transfer saves from previous versions of FM to newer ones. e.g. FM 10 to 11 etc & if so would they be making one for FM 12 to 13 ? anybody know if it exists.
    Somehow I dont think SI would be interested in doing this.

  2. No nothing like that exists and almost certainly wont in the future.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Pojroj View Post
    Somehow I dont think SI would be interested in doing this.
    Because it's a headache that they don't really need.

    You release a new game, you leave the old one behind.
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  4. Thanks for replying , i can understand them devoting time to other issues in improving the present game If it is such a headache then.

  5. I"m playing FM since was Championship manager and like to build my own young players and manage one same team many season, but I would like to enjoy new features of the game . Thats why I think its not fair to me and players like me not give a chance to play our old games on new FM . I think the converter is very possible and that would be nice reward for our loyalty to SI . I bought FM13 to my sons but I'm still playing FM11 because I can't just throw away two years and five god seasons with Arsenal.

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