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FM 13 Classic - Almost invisible text on stats/fitness

  1. FM 13 Classic - Almost invisible text on stats/fitness

    Hello FM Base!
    I've been playing FM 13 (the regular career) for quite a while, and decided to make a new career and wanted to try out the classic mode. However I got a really annoying graphic-issue. This wasn't the case on the regular career of FM13. Anyone got a solution for this?

    Thanks in advance, cheers.

  2. Apparently if you have any 3rd party/custom skins loaded which use white fonts (e.g Steklo) it will affect classic mode even though you can't select that skin. What you need to do is remove any 3rd party skins from the "skins" folder, clear your skin cache (link with instructions below) and restart FM 13. That fixed the issue for me.
    Football Manager FAQ
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  3. Ah, cool! Thanks a lot! Completely ruined the fun for me in classic mode

  4. I would love to have another skin but i can't because of this. any recommendation?

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