Match information, widgets, speed.

  1. Match information, widgets, speed.

    I am having some trouble trying to keep all the widgets (don't know what they're called, desktop equivalent) fixed during the match. They keep disappearing and I have to reopen them and it gets rather annoying. Is it because I am playing in window mode and it messes with the placement? I've attached a screenshot to hopefully explain what I am referring to.

    Additionally, I like to watch the matches in max speed however I have noticed that recently, there has been less and less highlights being shown. I tried switching it back to normal speed and it doesn't fix it either. Is there an option to show more events of the game whilst retaining such speed? It was fine in FM12 and previous versions whereby upping the speed only did just that, instead of the aforementioned problems.
    Also, FM13 seems to skip the celebrations after a goal or game - something I'd like to see.
    Help much appreciated.
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