Sudden Performance Drop?

  1. Sudden Performance Drop?

    Hi all,

    Recently got myself a new laptop, install FM 13 and was playing. Before I had 5 star computer performance and 4.5/5 star on game performance with around 7/8 big major countrys playable.

    Now, I started to play it again, computer performance has dropped to 1 star? And game speed is horrendous??

    Laptop only a month old and hardly install anything on it.

    Any help?

  2. Same issue here, I've been able to play the game perfectly well for a long time.
    Now all of a sudden it takes 2-3 min to open the game, 5-6 min start-up/loading screen, 2-3 min. loading my game. When I'm finally in the saved game it's so horribly slow that i give up and quit after one in-game day.

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