Loading game up?

  1. Loading game up?

    Hey guys not sure if this the right place but here goes....Recently I had my laptop's hard drive got fried! So I lost everything which is a bummer! And my hard work getting Doncaster to Prem League! So I reinstalled steam on new hard drive, and reinstalled FM2013. I though I would still get the save files I kept within the account/steam, but I have nothing?

    So, there is no way to fix it?

    The only choice is, start again?

    Thanks, Lummy
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  2. you will have to restart mate, they get saved into the football manager folder within your documents, well mine do anyway

  3. Hmm, I'll have a look on my files and see what in it! Thanks for fast reply dude!

    Okay, I just looked on files and there's nothing. Oh well! Time to start again!
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