Missing Documents, Weird player names, Low bid on players.

  1. Missing Documents, Weird player names, Low bid on players.

    (I apologize for my bad english)
    1. I had a problem with save games that could not load, i tried many things, but none of them worked.
    So i decided to reinstall the game, and the problem was solved. but when i installed the game again i had another problem. ALL pictures were gone, i found out that some(not all) documents under (Documents>Sports Interactive>) was missing. it was the document where all the pictures were. i tried to reinstall the game several times, without luck, pics are still missing.
    2. I dont know if its some weird licensing shit. But when i searched for Wanyama from Celting, some weird dude popped up named McDonald From Inter Milan. He had some similar stats, same country as Wanyama. Do u guys also have that problem, or is it a bug with my game?
    3. I started a game with Newcastle and decided to sell Cabaye, because he did not fit in my style. Then i got a >12mil< bid from PSG, when he is worth like 120m-130m i think, and that happened to me some times after that aswell. Is that a bug in my game only or have anyone else tried it?

    I would be happy if someone could answer asap. because im getting so annoyed by these things.
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  2. Mcdonald Mariga is Wanyama's brother, and thats about right for Cabaye to be honest, only Messi could bring in 120m

  3. Im sorry, forgot to say im playing with danish valuta.
    9 DKK = 1 GBP
    12M DKK = 1,3M GBP

    But then Wanyama is gone, he is not in my game, any idea why?
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