Pre Contracts Help !?!?!

  1. Pre Contracts Help !?!?!

    Since I can remember on FM, you can sign players on pre-contract in January but I don't seem to have this option on FM 13, i have to wait till 31st May - 1 month before contract ends???

    Now I have racked my brains and perhaps I have missed this clause in recent years due to managing mainly in Scotland or in Europe (not English League) currently at Gateshead in L2 but I can only sign European based players in January. If i want UK based players I must wait till 31st May???

    Any help / advice?

  2. yeah that is the norm mate when managing in england

  3. Buying from English clubs you have to wait until May, any other you can in Jan.

  4. Always been the same on previous versions.

  5. Yea, think I've been lucky and evaded this on previous versions. Makes it a lot harder to plan ahead especially when your board won't allow you to scout outwith UK & IRE!

    Roll on the loan signings then...

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