Editor Problem

  1. Editor Problem

    Everytime I open the editor and load up the database it wont let me search anything in clubs, players, competitions etc. all the options are viewable on that left hand side but its completely blank on the right side with the search bar

  2. I have the same issues since the game updated to 13.2 i now cant use the editor!
    typical that an update does more damage than good!

  3. Ah, so thats what it was, how do get rid of the update? program files/steam/fm13 etc etc?

  4. no idea how to remove update to be honest. lets just hope they fix this issue fast!

  5. Anybody else have any idea how to fix this? I dont play FM13 but I use the editor alot.

  6. Not able to help, but I also have the same problem since downloading on my new laptop yesterday. Everything else seems to be working fine... just the editor and that is what I need!

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