Editor Problems

  1. Editor Problems

    Hey Dunno if anybody can help im just brought the game all installed with the latest patch 13.2 but the editors giving me nitemares it started ok the first time i then switch it to windowed mode but now it just wont work keep getting a black screen with like an egg timer in the middle ive looked into this and seen the fix threads for it like showing the hidden folders and deleting the cache file but when i go to documents/SI/Editer2013 theres is no cache file in that folder to delete and yes i have ticked the box to show hidden folders ive tried verifying integrity of the game cache of both the editor and fm2013 reinstalling the editor most things that i could find on here as how to fix it but nothings working hope any can help its sending me wild

  2. Change the language and then change it back, that should fix the editors issues.

  3. Sorry i dont get ya Change the language Where ?????

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