Won't let me pick a team when adding a manager, any help?

  1. Won't let me pick a team when adding a manager, any help?

    i play an online server with 3 other friends, we've played approximately 3 seasons. one of us had a bad run and got sacked. the problems is when any of us try and make a new manager everything is grayed out and we don't have the option of picking a team, we are automatically set a team regardless of what league/ country we want to play in. Would be grateful if anyone could help or if this has happened to anyone else, cheers

  2. You need to select a different league then select the league and team you want.

  3. Go to the Game status screen and down at the bottom on the left theres an option for manageable teams, change that to all. Hopefully that solves your problem, it was doing my head in

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