Crash Dump Error

  1. Crash Dump Error

    Ive just brought a new top spec laptop (I7 processor dedicated graphics card) to specifically run FM2013. Purchased the game and started a season but now I keep getting a error saying crash dump - see below. Highly annoying as I cant play the game! Ive read different things about it but dont seem to fully grasp what people are saying as there are so many different views on causes etc. Please can someone help me and explain in basic terms why this error is occuring? Cheers
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  2. It's a programming code glitch. What I did was get SI community forums, and goto their bugs forum and there's explanations of what to do. Basically you upload your dump file and saved game to them, and start a thread telling them what happened. They'll try to replicate the error and when they do, they'll have their programmers fix it (hopefully) before the next update they release. Your computer specs likely have nothing to do with it.

  3. I get that to, I can't even pick a club to manage

  4. Thanks sek I will give it a go.cheers

  5. hi, i am getting same error, whenever i get to a certain point within the season, this error pops up!!

  6. Go to Computer/programs/steam/fm2013 ect ect till you see the settings file then delete it

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