Football Manager has Stopped Working HELP

  1. Football Manager has Stopped Working HELP

    Every time I finish a match on my network game with my friend I get the error message " Football Manager has stopped working12.2.2f259383". I can't get into the game and my only option is to "close program".

    It seems to be everytime I try to view his game, but this might be irrelevant.

    What do I do? Please help.


  2. Anyone?

  3. First of all have you been using any custom databases or using any editors?

    If not the error message might be something to do with your DirectX not being up to date, I would suggest downloading the latest DirectX version. First of all verify your game cache again and see if steam updates DirectX automatically, if it fails to do so download it manually.

  4. I had the same issue.. Turn off your anti-virus.. Guaranteed to work!

  5. Bullard, how do I do this?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by WalkerRFC View Post
    Bullard, how do I do this?
    For instance I have Norton antivirus, I just disable it any time I wish to play a network game and it works! If you have mcafee, norton, avg, avast you could have problems, so just switch it off

  7. Thanks very much Bullard! I uninstalled it (it was annoying me when using the internet, anyway) and so far so good! Woody, I also downloaded the new directX.

    Hopefully this has solved it but I'm not 100% sure yet though.

    Thank-you very much everyone, very grateful.

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