Regen/Newgen Faces Not Showing Up.

  1. Regen/Newgen Faces Not Showing Up.

    The faces of my regens are just greyed out. I have the 'Show generated players' option ticked. I dont have any Facepacks installed. I uninstalled and then reinstalled FM 13. Still nothing. Any ideas?

  2. I also verified my game cache through steam.

  3. having the same problem have you managed to resolve it?

  4. Nope. Ive kinda given up. I did a uninstall-reinstall again and this time I didnt add any graphics or any databases or anything along those lines to the game. Its just the bare essentials. Started a new game. Went on vacation until the first regen dates and the regens still have greyed out silhouette faces.
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  5. I have the same problem, just happened today before it has been fine, but for some reason when i loaded today all regen faces are grey silhouettes?

  6. same thing has just happened to me.....

  7. same thing happened to me, i closed the game and re-opened it and they have all re-appeared

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