FM won't load
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  1. FM won't load

    Hello guys,

    yesterday I purchased fm13 and installed it on to a laptop I have recently had wiped clean. The installation of the game itself and steam went well without any problems but that's where my luck runs out. I launch the game via steam but it fails to launch. I have left my laptop for an hour at a time without the game loading. If I attempt to launch the game again, an error message appears saying "failed to start game (app already running)". I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game a number of times without any success of solving this matter.

    Hopefully someone on here has had the same problems that I have am having so any help/advice would be helpful.



  2. Good.

  3. What are the specs of your laptop? What OS are you running?

  4. That's a blood good question, one to which I wouldn't know the answer. If it helps I have had fm10, fm11 and fm12 run from this laptop before I got it wiped clean and the latest windows installed on it. How can I find out what specs etc?

  5. Depending on what windows you are on, you need to 'run' or 'search' for: dxdiag

    Then post on here what it says.

  6. Okay I shall take a look, thanks

  7. I'm running from Windows7 I believe if that helps? How do I run or search?

  8. Press the windows button in the bottom left, then there should be a search box. Type it in there.

  9. Also, have you deleted the settings and verified the cahce?

  10. the dxdiag says there is no problems found, also I wouldn't have a clue how to delete setting and verify anything so no I haven't, should I?

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