Kits, Logos and Facepacks not working.

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    Newcastle Backup

    Kits, Logos and Facepacks not working.


    I logged onto FM after a break of about a week and all of my Kits, Logos and Facepacks are no longer working. I haven't messed with any of the files or settings. Everything is gone apart from the Championship logos and Kits which are still working.

    The strange thing is that all my downloads are from FM12 just simply moved to FM13. So in theory teams like Southampton (who got promoted between games) should have the right kit as all the championship ones are working however this is not the case. Also Wolves who went down from the EPL-> Championship do have the right kit. - I hope you understand what I mean. Basically, its not just one folder working.

    Can someone help? I have reloaded kit and downloaded a new FM13 facepack but thats not worked either.

    Any ideas? Kits, Logos and Facepacks not working.-screen-capture-3.jpg

  2. eddiem352's Avatar eddiem352
    Newcastle Backup

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    go into preferences in the game menu and untick cache and tick reload skin and then confirm at the bottom.

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