Crash Dump

  1. Crash Dump

    Keep getting this come up! its so annoying!
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  2. Crashdump
    I got the same problem !
    It is super frustrating, i can't even play 2 matches or i get a crashdump, or the game keep stocking the hole time if i wanna play a match, i hope someone can help us !

  3. i just save after every game now, cant be bothered when it keeps happening. i cleared the cache and saved it, so just hope its sorted.

  4. I cleared the cache on steam to buth the problem is getting worst
    After update 13.2.3 i get this problems, is it possible to get 13.2.2 back?
    Maybe that solved the problem

  5. Have you tried not playing in windowed mode, or reinstalling fm completely?

  6. I play with a full screen, but when the crash dump happens, it goes into a window like that. And no I haven't tried reinstalling, I just save after everygame now and it seems to work that way.

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    I have the same problem, cant solve it.

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