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FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0

  1. Van Persie's injury proness should be decreased, every time I play with United he misses half of the season with injuries..

  2. Justo Villar -> Colo Colo
    Dejan Lovren -> Southampton (contract to June 2017)
    Pogon Szczecin - partnership with Olympique Lyon
    Paweł Wszolek - better technique, passing, flair, team work, work rate, acceleration, pace, stamina, agility; PA+5

  3. You have done the transfers in germany 2nd division and lower?

  4. Rimmshot , Until the 3rd category !!

  5. hello, thank y ou for this work ! the new version is for today ?

  6. Yes , in the late evening!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by vanpersie712 View Post
    Van Persie's injury proness should be decreased, every time I play with United he misses half of the season with injuries..
    Yeah totoally agree...he seems to be the most injury prone player in football manager history...makes darren anderton look like never missed a game!

  8. Denilson -> Sao Paolo (contract to June 2017)
    Owen Coyle - new Wigan manager
    Lucas Biglia -> Lazio (for 6mln; he will sign contract on Sunday; contract to June 2017)
    Andrea Poli - back to Sampdoria
    Olof Mellberg - free player
    Manynor Figueroa -> Hull City (contract to June 2015)
    Dejan Lovren -> Southampton (for 10mln; contract to June 2017)
    Daniel Golebiewski -> Korona Kielce (contract to June 2015 with option to extend for next year)
    Marcel Risse -> FC Koeln (contract to June 2016)
    Joey Suk -> NAC Breda (contract to December 2017)
    Carlos Tevez -> Milan (not confirmed, but almost done
    Carlos Tevez - favourite clubs: Corinthians, Milan
    Andrea Cocco -> Hellas Verona
    David Amoo -> Carlisle Utd.
    Mert Nobre -> Kayserispor

  9. hey pro fantastic work just downloaded ur pack okore is not at villa yet! when u do put him in the villa side would we have to re download it again? also off topic here but witch face pack do u use its a good 1 at that could i have the link pls thanks again for ur hard work

  10. Turkish League changes? Relegations&Promotions? Transfers?

  11. Colin Kazım Richards ----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Ceyhun Gülselam -----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Emmanuel Culio -----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Yiğit Gökoğlan ----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Mehmet Batdal ----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Sercan Yıldırım -----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Serdar Eylik ----> End loan to Galatasaray
    Çağlar Birinci -----> Free
    Gökhan Zan----> 2 years contrat to Galatasaray
    Engin Baytar -----> 1 year contrat to Galatasaray
    Umut Bulut -----> End loan to Toulouse
    Felipe Melo ----> End loan to Juventus
    Michal Kadlec ----> Fenerbahçe
    Gökay İravul -----> End loan to Fenerbahçe
    Berkay Can Degirmencioglu ----> End loan to Fenerbahçe
    Berkay Öztuvan -----> End loan to Fenerbahçe
    Henri Bienvenu ----> Eskişehirspor
    Orhan Şam ------> Eskişehirspor
    Berk Elitez ----> End loan to Fenerbahçe
    Reto Ziegler ----> End loan to Juventus

    to be continued

  12. Quote Originally Posted by mike887 View Post
    okore is not at villa yet!
    Cuz, if you will check it, the last pack is from 1st of June, and Okore was transferred to the Villians one day ago..

    Owen Coyle - contract to June 2014
    Rob Wielaert -> Melbourne Heart (contract to June 2014)
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  13. Batuhan Karadeniz ----> Trabzonspor
    Gökhan Töre ------> Beşiktaş(loan)
    Günay Güvenç ----> Beşiktaş
    Roberto Hilbert ----> Free
    Julio Alves ----> Free
    Mamadou Niang ----> End loan to Al-Sadd
    Burhan Eser -----> Sivasspor
    Sezgin Çoşkun ----> Free
    Atdhe Nihiu ----> End loan to Rapid Wien
    Andrej Mrkela ----> End loan to Rad Belgrad
    Stefan Senecky ----> Free
    Michael Eneramo -----> Free
    Ricardo Pedriel ------> Free
    Jan Rajnoch ------> Free
    Prince Tagoe -----> End loan to Bursaspor
    Teteh Bangura -----> End loan to Bursaspor
    Ahmet Ari -----> End loan to Bursaspor
    Ozan İpek ------> End loan to Bursaspor
    Yenal Tuncer -----> End loan to Bursaspor
    İbrahim Kaş -----> End loan to Bursaspor
    İsmail Odabaşı ----> End loan to Bursaspor
    Petteri Forsell ------> End loan to Bursaspor

  14. Milan Smijanic -----> Gençlerbirliği
    Serkan Yanık -----> Gençlerbirliği
    Nizamettin Çalışkan------> Gençlerbirliği
    Ferhat Görgülü -------> Gençlerbirliği
    Efe Halil Özarslan -----> Gençlerbirliği
    Randall Azofeifa -----> K. Erciyesspor
    Cem Can ------> K. Erciyesspor
    Fuat Çapa -----> K. Erciyesspor (manager)
    Metin Diyadin -----> Gençlerbirliği (manager)
    Roberto Carlos -----> Sivasspor (manager)
    Murat Erdogan -----> Sivasspor (sportive director, director of football)
    Ekigho Ehiosun ------> Free
    Kerim Zengin -----> Free
    Debatik Curri -----> Free
    Björn Vleminckx -----> End loan to Club Brugge
    Rıza Çalımbay ------> Rizespor (manager)
    Darvydas Sernas -----> Gaziantepspor
    Oktay Delibalta -----> End loan to Gençlerbirliği
    Dorge Kouemaha ------> End loan to Club Brugge
    Marcio Nobre -----> Kayserispor
    Ömer Şişmanoğlu -----> Antalyaspor
    Cem Sultan ------> End loan to Kayserispor
    Anthony Seric -----> Free
    Gökhan Ünal ------> Free
    Luton Shelton -----> Free
    Güven Varol -----> Free
    Vjekoslav Tomic ------> Free
    Armand Deumi ----> Free
    Kagan Söylemezgileer -----> Free
    Aydin Toscali ------> Free
    Hakan Bayraktar ------> Free
    Jean-Jacques Gosso -----> Free
    Orkun Usak -----> Free

  15. Saso Fornezzi ----> Free
    Bogdan Stancu ----> Free
    David Barral ------> Free
    Ferhat Çökmüş -----> Free
    Roversio ----> Free
    Fevzi Elmas -----> Free
    Hasan Kabze -----> Free
    Miguel Garcia -----> Free
    Javier Umbides ----> Free
    Atila Turan ----> End loan to Sporting Lisboa
    Ayila Yussuf -----> End loan to Dynamo Kyiv
    Jamie Romero -----> End loan to Udinese
    Ali Tandoğan -----> Free
    Mehmet Eren Boyraz ----> K.Erciyesspor
    Polat Keser -----> Free
    Severin Bikoko ----> Free
    Emir Kujovic----> Free
    Mehmey Çakır ----> Free
    Sinan Kaloğlu ----> Free
    Mustafa Sarp ----> Free
    Bülent Ertuğrul ----> Free
    Orhan Ak ----> İstanbul BB
    Sedat Bayrak -----> Free
    Ryan Donk -----> Kasimpasa
    Senijad İbricic -----> End loan to Lok. Moscow
    Djalma Campos -----> End loan to Porto

  16. Volkan Okumak -----> K. Erciyesspor
    Semih Aksoy -----> K. Erciyesspor
    Bojan Jorgacevic ------> K.Erciyesspor
    Georges Mandjeck ------> K.Erciyesspor
    Kerim Avcı ------> K. Erciyesspor

    Promotions: K.Erciyesspor, Rizespor, Konyaspor
    Relegations: İstanbul BB, Orduspor, Mersin İ.Y.

  17. At the last one:

    Galatasaray's transfer bugdet is minimum 10 Mio €. And backgorund sugar daddy chairman

  18. Quote Originally Posted by pr01991 View Post
    Rimmshot , Until the 3rd category !!
    Ok thx,cool.

  19. Ashley Williams

    just downloaded and noticed Ashley Williams is at Arsenal?

  20. Willy Sagnol coach of the French U21
    Laurent Guyot French Director of Football

  21. McGregor hasnt joined hull yet.
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  22. Αs i had informed , i had a problem with the laptop. Everything missed will be passed!

    Find the link with the update pack in the download center ! Have fun !

  23. Download link send me to an older version.
    FM13 Transfers & Data Update Pack 1.7 (by _pr0).zip

  24. Mate,you didn't upload the right stuff..It downloads an old update instead of the new one.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by vanpersie712 View Post
    Mate,you didn't upload the right stuff..It downloads an old update instead of the new one.
    yeah agreed transfers that were down on your previous one seem to have gone back to what they were
    ie marouane chamakh was back at arsenal on that one he is still on loan at west ham , mourinho still manager at madrid

  26. Apologies! Redownload again , my mistake sorry!!!!

  27. All new transfers will take place in 2013 in the game and not 2012???? Im looking in the editor now.

  28. Rimmshot , as i said before every transfer is immediate.

  29. Bad , no poland promotions etc and transfers ...

  30. Thanks a lot. Does it exist a facepack for the new wonderkids ?

  31. tsrx , i know i didnt have time for 2ndary leagues. Too many staff to do to other countries i havent even update as i want greece, my own nation. Dont worry the next pack will have promotions in poland , and probably transfers.

    LeAlan, nice thought.. I will see what i can do!

  32. Yeeahhh ( i can't by a kids if i don't have his picture...) i know, i'm mad , ;-)

  33. Hi pr0...i love your update and it keeps me playing fm2013! 2 things though
    1) Did you edit RVP injury proneness down?
    2) I am having real issues with the .dbc as moved to mac mini and they don't seem to be working but I know they are in right location. I tried loading to editor and deticked compressed but can only do 1 at a time! Any change you could include .xml as well in update so I and other mac users can get it working again?
    Keep up good work and hope you can sort number 2 especially as can't use update at moment!

  34. Ok super weird... managed to work it out and converted one and now all appeared so deleted the .xml...computers hey!

  35. I use your update now,and with a new game i loaded the competition of andorra doesnt work anymore. I think the promotion relegation has gone wrong. Can you fix that?

  36. Gael Danic (Valenciennes) -> Lyon
    François Modesto (Olympiakos) -> Bastia (2014)
    Michael Skibbe -> Grasshoppers manager
    Julian Wiessmeier (Nurnberg) -> Wehen (loan)
    Rob Wielaert (Roda) -> Melbourne Heart
    Tiago Gomes (Blackpool) -> Apoel Nicosia
    Andre Weis (Stuttgart) -> FC Ingolstadt
    Joaozinho (Beira-Mar) -> Braga (2018)
    Tavria Symferopol manager Oleg Luznyj -> Free Transfer
    Alessandro Iandoli (Sint-Truidense) -> Standard Liege (loan)
    Ivan Santini (Freiburg) -> Kortrijk (2016)
    Luigi Apolloni -> ND Gorica manager
    Marco Djuricin (Hertha) -> Sturm Graz (2015)
    David Lopez (Espanyol) -> back from loan
    Jorge Luis Luna (San Martin) -> Volga Nizny Novogrod
    Blazej Jankowski (Chojniczanka Chojnice) -> 2014
    Krystian Feciuch (Chojniczanka) -> 2015
    Aleksander Komor (18 years old) -> Ruch Chorzow
    Marcin Kokoszka, Jan Pawlowski (Olimpia Grudziadz) -> Free
    Sebastian Duda, Piotr Mrozinski, Sebastian Ceglarz, Mikolaj Zwolinski -> Widzew Lodz
    Bartosz Papka (Korona) -> 2014
    Lukasz Sierpina (Korona) -> 2015
    Przemyslaw Trytko (Korona) -> 2014
    Jacek Popek (Zawisza) -> Free, Injury Proneness - 18 Kamil Drygas, Michal Plonka - > back from loan (to Lech and Gornik Zabrze)
    Ganiel Golebiewski (Polonia) -> Korona (2015)
    Mindaugas Panka (Ruch) -> Free Transfer
    Kazimierz Moskal (Termalica manager) -> Free
    Robert Latosik (Ruch Zdziewszowice manager) -> free
    Mateusz Pielach, Michał Benkowski, Robert Mandrysz, Mateusz Żukowski, Damian Kwiatkowski, Michael Lukasiewicz ,Grzegorz Wojdyga, Toshikazu Irie (Bogdanka) -> Free
    Dino Gavric (Widzew) -> Free
    Dawid Mieczkowski (Brzesko) -> Free
    Pawel Brozek (Recreativo) -> Free
    Maciej Manka, Rafal Pietrzak, Rafal Kurzawa, Szymon Sobczak (Gornik Zabrze) -> back from loan
    Rafal Ulatowski -> Miedz Legnica manager
    Lukasz Suchocki (Stomil) -> Olimpia Grudziadz (2015)
    Tomas Pesir (Bogdanka) -> retired
    Sebastian Czapa (Resovia) -> free
    Dawid Nowak (Belchatow) -> Free, injury proneness to 19
    Patryk Tuszynski (Lechia) -> back from loan
    Maciej Kowalczyk (Kolejarz) -> Olimpia Grudziadz
    Kamil Adamek (Korona) -> free
    Artur Gieraga (LKS) -> Ruch Chorzow
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  37. Quote Originally Posted by pr01991 View Post
    tsrx , i know i didnt have time for 2ndary leagues. Too many staff to do to other countries i havent even update as i want greece, my own nation. Dont worry the next pack will have promotions in poland , and probably transfers.

    LeAlan, nice thought.. I will see what i can do!
    Hey mate. I can help you with the facepack for the new wonderkids.

  38. cantonbean, if the suggestion about RVP was the last 4-5 days i havent changed that,no. So now its working right?

    Rimmshot , you run also other files than my 6 latest?

    tflejszman , we will keep in touch mate

  39. Outstandings general changes:

    Jesus Navas is still vice captain of Sevilla, and Palop is captain
    Sami Hyypia - manager of Bayer Leverkusen ?????????????
    Gavin Rhodes - Man City U-18 coach
    Josue is still vice captain of Wolfsburg
    Eric Abidal - should can play on the start of the game
    Legia Warsaw has teamed up with brazilian club Fluminense
    PSG: -3 points on the start of the league in the next season
    Neymar - corrected height: 175; corrected position/main position: ALM [20]
    Sivasspor: Assistent - Cesar Domingos; Sport Director - Murat Erdogan
    Thiago - corrected minimal fee clause -> 18mln
    South african club black aces fc confirmed as feeder club of manchester city for 3 years.
    Christian Karembeu - new Olympiacos Pireus Strategic Advisor
    Pierre Issa - new Olympiacos Pireus sport director
    Simo Krunic - new Dalian Aerbin manager
    Morouane Fellaini - corrected minimal fee clause -> 23mln
    Rino Foschi is no longer sport director in Genoa
    Santiago Solari - new trainer Real Madrid U-19 team
    Vitor Pereira - new Al Ahli manager
    Johan Vonlanthen (he was retired, but he's continuing his career) -> Grasshopers Zurich (contract to June 2014; with option extending for next 2 years)

    Outstandings transfers from Scottland, Mexico, US and Greece:

    Aldo De Nigris -> Deportivo Guadalajara
    Michael Vitzthum (Stuttgart) - contract to June 2015
    Marcelo Bielsa is no longer Athletic Bilbao manager
    Michael Vitzthum (Stuttgart) - Karlsruhe (loan to June 2014)
    Rafael Miranda (Maritimo) -> Bahia
    Cristian Riveros (Kayserispor) -> Gremio
    Andy Driver (Hearts of Midlothian) -> Houston Dynamo (permanently)
    Liam Craig -> Hibernian
    James Dayton (Kilmarnock) -> Oldham
    Antonio Reguero -> Kilmarnock
    Andrew Shinnie -> Birmingham
    Darren Randolph (Motherwell) -> Birmingham
    Eoin Doyle (Hibernian) -> Chesterfield
    Ryan McGivern (Manchester City) -> Hibernian
    Moises Velasco (Toluca) -> Jaguares de Chiapas (loan to June 2014)
    Carlos Ochoa (Santos Laguna) -> Jaguares de Chiapas (loan to June 2014)
    Luis Rodriguez (Monterrey) -> Jaguares de Chiapas (loan to June 2014)
    Roberto Carlos Juarez (Cruz Azul) -> Jaguares de Chiapas
    Eduardo Herrera (Pumas) -> Santos Laguna
    Candido Ramirez (Santos Laguna) -> Pumas
    Edgar Gerardo Lugo (Santos Laguna) -> Tigres
    Faustino Arizala (Pachuca) -> Leon
    Fernando Navarro (Pachuca) -> Leon
    Alejandro Vela (Cruz Azul) -> Atlante (loan to June 2014)
    Yosgart Gutierrez (Cruz Azul) -> Atlante (loan to June 2014)
    Angel Sepulveda (Monarcas) -> Atlante (loan to June 2014)
    Pedro Joaquin Galvan (Bnei Yehuda) -> Atlante
    Miguel Morales (Monterrey) -> Atlante (loan to June 2014)
    Esteban Paredes (atlante) -> Queretaro
    Omar Bravo -> Deportivo Guadalajara
    Xavier Baez (Deportivo Guadalajara) -> Cruz Azul
    Luis Tejada -> Veracruz
    Carlos Gutierrez (Atlas) -> America
    Luis Gabriel Rey (Monarcas) -> America (loan to June 2014)
    Alberto Garcia (Queretaro) -> Atlante
    Joao Rojas (Monarcas) -> Cruz Azul
    Paul Arriola -> Club Tijuana
    Richard Sanchez (Dallas) -> Tigres
    Esteban Paredes (Queretaro) - better finishing, off the ball, heading, jumping, bravery, positioning
    Drissa Diakite (Olympiacos) -> Bastia
    Andreas Bouchalakis, Manolis Tzanakakis (Ergotelis) -> Olympiacos
    Ariel Ibagaza - free player
    Michael Olaitan (Veria) -> Olympiacos
    Tomas de Vincenti (Giannina) -> Olympiacos
    Sotirios Liberopoulos (Skoda) -> AEK
    Roger Guerreiro (AEK) - free player
    Denis Epstein (Atromitos) -> FSV Frankfurt
    Pitu, Velimir Radman (Atromitos) - free players
    Rayo (Asteras Tripolis) -> Maccabi Haifa (better technique, passing, dribbling, crossing, flair, creativy)
    Leandro Alvarez (Asteras Tripolis) - free player
    Georgios Zisopoulos (Levadiakos) -> Asteras Tripolis
    Jackson Mendy, Olivier Boumale (Levadiakos) - free players
    Anastastios Pantos (Giannina) - ending career
    Adrian Lucero, Juan Munafo (Panthrakikos) - free players
    David Reano (Veria) - free player
    Panagiotis Plavoukos (Thrasyvoulos) -> Veria
    Giannis Sentementes (AS Rouvas Kreta) -> Veria

    Outstandings transfers:

    Artur Jedrzejczyk -> FK Krasnodar (for 2mln; contract to June 2016)
    Vladislav Ignatjev (Krasnodar) -> Kuban
    Nikita Bezlikhnotnov (Torpedo M.) -> Kuban
    Sueliton -> Criciuma (free)
    Milan Smiljanic (Partizan) -> Genclerbirligi (free)
    Elias Kachunga -> B. Moenchengladbach (end of loan)
    Vitaly Kaleshin (Rubin) -> FK Krasnodar; contract to June 2014
    Ivan Kaleva (Dinamo Zagreb) -> Granada
    Pablo Migliore (San Lorenzo) -> Dinamo Zagreb
    Anas Sharbini (Al Ittihad) -> HNK Rijeka
    Everton (Heracles) -> Al Nasr
    Jordan Garcia-Calvete -> De Graafschap
    Salvatore Crimi (Lille) -> Zulte Waregem
    Alessandro Iandoli -> Standart Liege (loan to June 2014)
    Oscar Perez (Cruz Azul) -> Pachuca (loan to June 2014)
    Nestor Vidrio -> Guadalajara
    Sergio Perez (Guadalajara) -> Atlante
    Lucas Silva (Deportivo Toluca) -> Monterrey
    Marcin Kowalczyk (Slask) -> Volga Nizhni Novgorod
    Aleksander Wandzel (Lech Poznan) -> Legia Warszawa
    Juan Fernando Quintero -> Genoa (permanently)
    Erman Kilic (Sivasspor) -> Galatasaray
    Ragip Basdag (Erciyesspor) -> Ankaraspor
    Burhan Eser (Eskisehirspor) -> Sivasspor
    Veysel Aksu (Erciyesspor) -> Instanbul B.
    Orhan Ak (Elazigspor) -> Instanbul B.
    Nizamettin Caliskan (Orduspor) -> Genclerbirligi
    Bilal Gulden (Ankaragucu) -> Kayserispor
    Albin Plaku (Albanian) -> Slask Wroclaw (contract to June 2016)
    Herculez Gomez (Santos Laguna) -> Club Tijuana
    Duvier Riascos (Club Tijuana) -> Pachuca (for 7mln) [better finishing, bravery, flair, team work, first touch, heading]
    Ryan Donk -> Kasimpasa (contract to June 2016)
    Stefan Gartenmann (FC Roskilde) -> Herenvenn (contract to June 2016) [create if doesn't exist: ]Stefan Gartenmann - Player profile -
    Danny McBreen (Central Coast Mariners) -> Shanghai Dongya
    Alain Rochat -> DC United
    Gunay Guvenc (Stuttgarter Kickers) -> Besiktas
    Yahya Al-Shehri -> Al Nasr (for 9.75mln) - better PA +15/20 and attributes like tackling, acceleration, stamina, pace, team work, positioning, crossing, dribbling, agility, flair, passing, technique
    Lukasz Madej (GKS Belchatow) -> Gornik Zabrze
    Bartlomiej Pawlowski (Jagiellonia) -> Widzew Lodz
    Matteo Bianchetti -> Hellas Verona (better tackling, marking, heading, concentration, composure, decisions, positioning, bravery, team work, stamina, strength, pace, acceleration, jumping, balance)

    CA/PA proposition/correction:

    Romelu Lukaku has only 10 technique, before update he had 14/15
    Mohamed Salah - better stamina, strength, finishing, crossing, concentration, off the ball
    Branislav Ivanovic - better passing, natural fitness, agility, technique, crossing
    Dani Carvajal - better concentration, composure, positioning
    Henrik Mkhitaryan - better natural fitness
    Eyal Golasa - better PA(+15/20) and attributes like crossing, technique, first touch, creativy, flair
    Omri Altman - better PA(+15/20) and attributes like finishing, off the ball, determination, bravery
    Rodrigo (Benfica) - better bravery, team work, work rate, off the ball, positioning
    Patrick Hermann (Gladbach) - better PA and attributes like positioning, tackling, crossing
    Jordy Claise - better passing, first touch, technique, crossing, creativy
    Kevin Strootman - better stamina, strength, determination, positioning, bravery, team work, work rate
    Denis Cheryshev (Real M.) - better PA(+15/20) and attributes like flair, agility, determination, work rate, creativy, off the ball, bravery, dribbling, technique
    Aleksandr Kokorin - better finishing, PA (+10), heading, off the ball, bravery
    Fernandinho - better stamina, determination, work rate, team work, composure
    Adil Rami - better heading, jumping, concentration, decisions, positioning, team work, work rate, strength
    Matthieu - better crossing, decisions, composure, positioning, acceleration, bravery
    Xabi Prieto - better finishing, flair, technique, crossing, bravery, work rate, determination
    Piti (Rayo) - better technique, crossing, first touch, passing, creativy, off the ball, team work
    Heung Min Son - better heading, off the ball, bravery, team work, work rate, natural fitness (12/13)
    Javi Garcia - reduced concentration, positioning, decisions, tackling, marking, heading
    Luis Suarez - better agression (around 20), bravery, dribbling, finishing, off the ball, determination, flair, acceleration, pace, agility [better PA +5/10]
    John Guidetti - reduced finishing, determination, bravery, team work
    Gael Clichy - better positioning, concentration; preffered foot: booth and playing well in Left and right back side (in fm12 so it was)
    Cesar Azpilicueta - better tackling, positioning, marking
    Eden Hazard - better finishing, long shots
    Rio Ferdinand - better tackling, marking, heading, positioning, composure
    Morouane Fellaini - better long shots, flair, determination, pace, strength, finishing, tackling
    Fabio Coentrao - better work rate, team work, determination, marking, tackling, heading, jumping
    Giovanni Dos Santos - better PA +5/10, and attributes like bravery, team work, stamina, strength, crossing, flair; preffered league: BBVA
    Van Ginkel - better technique, dribbling, crossing, flair, bravery, creativy, acceleration, pace, agility [better PA+ 5/10]
    Adam Maher - better technique, creativy, acceleration, pace, agility, dribbling, first touch [better PA +5]
    Philippe Mexes - better concentration, tackling, heading, flair, stamina, acceleration
    Mario Balotelli - better flair, finishing, determination, dribbling, acceleration, pace
    Stephan El Shaarawy - better corners
    Juan Cuadrado - better dribbling, flair, tackling, agility, bravery, team work, work rate, positioning, crossing
    Mattia De Sciglo - better playing as a left back (20); better attributes like: work rate, team work, bravery, tackling, heading, jumping, determination, positioning
    Antoine Conte - better tackling, marking, heading, jumping, decisions, concentration, positioning, bravery, team work, stamina, natural fitness, pace, jumping [better PA+5/10]
    Guillermo Varela - better PA +15/20 and attributes like dribbling, finishing, technique, flair, agility, pace, acceleration
    Jerome Boateng - better attributes like decisions (around 14), heading (over 15), marking (15), tackling (16), composure (around 15), concentration (around 14), determination, positioning (around 16), bravery, work rate, team work [he played great as a CB in the last season]
    Vasco Regini - PA around -9 and better attributes like technique, crossing, passing, first touch, dribbling, tackling, marking, corners, free kicks, composure, decisions, flair, creativy, determination, bravery, team work, work rate, off the ball, acceleration, strength, stamina, natural fitness, pace, agility
    Mario Gomez - reduced pace, acceleration
    Kalu Uche - better finishing, off the ball, team work
    Helder Postiga - better finishing, off the ball
    Marcio Nobre - better finishing, positioning
    Viktor Fischer - better stamina, natural fitness, flair, determination, pace, acceleration, dribbling, crossing, technique, first touch
    Blaise Matuidi - (great season; top PSG player) better stamina, tackling, marking, determination, positioning, bravery, team work, work rate, long shots, strength, composure, concentration, technique, dribbling
    Samuel Umtiti - better tackling, marking, crossing, positioning, pace, acceleration, stamina
    Dimitri Payet - (played fantastic season 12goals and 18assists in Ligue 1) better finishing, technique, passing, first touch, dribbling, crossing, flair, creativy, determination, team work, bravery, pace, acceleration, stamina, strength, agility
    Valere Germain - better PA +10 and attributes like finishing, off the ball, team work, work rate, heading, stamina
    Jeremy Bokili (Petrolulu Ploiesti) - better finishign, passing, creativy, flair, off the ball, bravery, stamina
    Bryan Rabello - Sevilla's first team; better stamina, work rate, technique, flair, bravery, strength, pace
    Charles (Almeria) - better finishing, off the ball, heading, team work, stamina, strength
    Manuel Lanzarote -> Espanyol (better passing, technique, corners, creativy, team work, decisions, composure, stamina)
    Lloyd Jones (Liverpool) - better stamina, jumping, strength, decisions, composure, concentration, positioning, marking, tackling, heading
    Kevin De Bruyne - better marking, tackling, technique, concentration, work rate, bravery, stamina, natural fitness
    Jesus Navas - better flair, team work, bravery, passing
    Kuba Blaszczykowski - better team work, bravery, composure, stamina, passing
    Pepe - better strength, acceleration, pace, positioning
    Xabi Alonso - reduced natural fitness
    Demba Ba - reduced finishing, off the ball; better natural fitness
    Alvaro Negredo - better finishing
    Ilkay Gundogan - better technique, dribbling, first touch, concentration, penalty taking, stamina, work rate, acceleration
    Kevin Prince Boateng - reduced team work, bravery, work rate
    David Alaba - playing better as a CM (18)
    Fernando Torres - reduced concentration, positioning, off the ball, determination
    Olivier Giroud - reduced composure, determination, off the ball
    Daniel Agger - better natural fitness, stamina
    Simone Pepe - reduced agression, off the ball, work rate
    Samir Handanovic - better one on ones
    Laurent Koscielny - reduced concentration, decisions, composure
    Riccardo Montolivo - better finishing, bravery, concentration, stamina
    Kaka - reduced finishing
    Alessandro Matri - reduced finishing
    Lucas Moura - better balance, stamina, team work, crossing
    Ezequiel Garay - better acceleration, pace
    El Shaarawy - better stamina, natural fitness, acceleration, passing, corners, flair
    Ivan Perisic - reduced finishing
    Senad Lulic - better natural fitness
    James Rodriguez - better stamina
    Oscar Cardozo - better technique, dribbling, first touch, flair, team work, bravery, positioning, acceleration, pace
    Taison - better technique, passing, concentration, composure, work rate
    Giuliano - better flair, crossing
    Asmir Begovic - better one on ones
    Moussa Sissoko - better long shots
    Clint Dempsey - better finishing, bravery, determination
    Isaac Cuenca - reduced natural fitness, stamina
    Danilo Avelar - better dribbling, crossing, tackling, heading, technique, decisions, composure, positioning, pace, acceleration, strength, stamina, agility
    Neto (Zenit) - better heading, tackling, composure, decisions, positioning, bravery, jumping, stamina, pace
    Luis Alberto (Sevilla/Barca B) - better technique, passing, creativy, flair, acceleration, agility, first touch, crossing, corners, free kicks
    Ola John - better PA +5 and attributes like work rate, bravery, dribbling, finishing, flair, determiantion, composure, pace, acceleration, agility, stamina, strength
    Florian Thauvin (Lille) - better PA+15/20 and attirbutes like finishing, off the ball, team work, work rate, flair, passing, technique, dribbling, pace, agility, stamina
    Lazar Markovic - better PA +10/15 and attributes like dribbling, first touch, passing, corners, long shots, technique, finishing, decisions, team work, work rate, composure, creativy, concentration, stamina

    Outstandings contracts:

    Sebastian Mila - contract to June 2016
    Adam Nawałka (Gornik Zabrze manager) - contract to June 2015
    Piotr Brożek (Lechia) - free player
    Rafał Kosznik (GKS Belchatow) - contract to June 2014
    Kamil Wacławczyk (GKS Belchatow) - contract to June 2014
    Bartłomiej Bartosiak (GKS Belchatow) - contract to June 2014
    Josue (Atletico Mineiro) - corrected contract to 31.12.2014
    Ricardo Oliveira - free player
    Paulo Nagamura - corrected contract to 31.12.2013
    Fausto Pinto - free player
    Xuxa - free player
    Ronny (Palmeiras) - corrected contract to 31.12.2013
    Lucas Lobos - free player
    Arthur Boka - corrected contract to 30.06.2014
    Stuart Holden - corrected contract to 30.06.2014
    John Mensah - leaves club on free transfer
    Paolo Castellini - free player
    Michał Janota (Korona Kielce) - contract to June 2015
    Alanzinho, Emerson, Marc Janko (Trabznonspor) - free players
    Tomassz Bobel - free player
    Dani Quintana (Jagiellonia) - contract to 31.12.2015
    Christopher Oualembo (Lechia Gdansk) - contract to June 2014
    Dusan Pernis (Pogon Szczecin) - free player
    Daniel Braaten - free player
    Daniel De Ridder - free player
    Marcin Wasilewski - free player
    Sinan Bolat - free player
    Bogusław Kaczmarek is no longer Lechia Gdansk manager
    Pawel Wojtala (Zaglebie Lubin Director) -> extended to 2015
    Maciej Szlaga, Piotr Kuklis, Rafał Grzelak, Łukasz Zwoliński Krystian Żołnierewicz - (Arka Gdynia) -> Free Transfer
    Aleksander Wandzel (Lech) -> Legia
    Alan Stulin, Maciej Szmatiuk Tomasz Wróbel (GKS Belchatow) -> Free Transfers
    Michal Probierz -> Lechia Gdansk Manager to 2015
    Michael Bemben (Gornik Zabrze)-> Retired
    Aleksander Kwiek (Gornik Zabrze) -> Zaglebie Lubin (2015)
    Peter Hricko, Adrian Budka, Robert Kolendowicz (Pogon Szczecin) -> Free Transfers
    Marcos Senna - corrected contract to June 2014
    Riki (Deportivo) - free player
    Johan Voskamp (Slask) - free player
    Michael Bemben (Gornik Zabrze) - ending career after this season
    Tomasz Wróbel, Maciej Szmatiuk, Alan Stulin (GKS Bełchatów) - free players
    Marek Saganowski - contract to June 2015
    Tomasz Zahorski (Gornik Zabrze) - free player
    Jan Urban - contract to June 2014
    Helio Pinto (APOEL) - contract to June 2016
    Winfried Schaefer is no longer Thailand manager
    Sergey Semak - contract to June 2016; good mental, motivation, adaptability, level of discipline
    Adam Pazio, Paweł Wszołek (Polonia Warsaw) - free players
    Franciszek Smuda - new Wisla Cracow manager
    Ojamaa - corrected contract to June 2016
    Grzegorz Rasiak - free player
    Ibson - corrected contract to June 2014
    Wayne Bridge -> Reading
    Aleksander Kwiek (Gornik Zabrze) -> Zaglebie Lubin
    Tomasz Zahorski - free player
    Lubos Hanzel (Jagiellonia) - free player
    Michał Żewłakow, Aleksandr Vukovic (Korona Kielce) - ending career
    Tadas Kijanskas, Mateusz Bodzioch (Korona Kielce) - free players
    Ivan Djurdjevic (Lech Poznan) - ending career
    Marcin Pietrowski (Lechia Gdansk) - contract to June 2016
    Damian Kugiel (Lechia Gdansk) - contract to June 2017
    Łukasz Surma (Lechia Gdansk) - free player
    Dickson Choto - ending career
    Fernando Cuerda (Piast Gliwice) - free player
    Mouhamadou Traore (GKS Belchatow) -> Pogon Szczecin
    Adrian Budka, Peter Hricko, Robert Kolendowicz, Dusan Pernis (Pogon Szczecin) - free players
    Gabor Straka, Michal Peskovic, Zeljko Djokic (Ruch Chorzow) - free players
    Sebastian Dudek, Radosław Bartoszewicz, Milos Dragojevic, Denis Kramar, Thomas Phibel, Mehdi Ben Dhifallah (Widzew Łodz) - free players
    Michał Nalepa -> Wisła Cracow
    Szymon Pawłowski, Martins Ekwueme, Elton Lira, Łukasz Hanzel, Csaba Horvath, Maciej Małkowski, Costa Nhamoinesu, Wojciech Trochim, Kamil Wilczek, Aleksandar Tunczew (Zaglebie Lubin) - free players
    Ivica Iliev, Kew Jaliens, Kamil Kosowski, Daniel Sikorski (Wisla Cracow) - free players
    Antoine Conte, Mike Maignam, Youssouf Sabaly (all PSG) - contracts to June 2016
    Fabrizio Ravanelli - corrected contract to June 2015
    Giampiero Ventrone - new Ajaccio assisten (contract to June 2015)
    Robert Demjan - free player
    Danijel Ljuboja - free player


    Brooklyn Beckham (age:14) -> QPR U-18 (Brooklyn Beckham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
    Create player: Matt Miazga -> New York Red Bulls (PA around -8; top attributes tackling, strength, heading, jumping, technique, first touch, crossing, passing, creativy, determination, team work, balance, stamina, pace) Nationality: American (actually plays for US U-18 team) and Polish. Main position: CB; Also he can play in all defends position well, and good as a CM/DM; height: 1.92m, weight: 84kg; birth: 19July 1995) sign professional contract to June 2016.
    Create player: Michael Thornton -> FC Toronto; Nationality: Canadian; birth: 25 march 2000; main position: left wing/attacking left middfielder; preffered foot: Booth; top attributes: technique, dribbling, long shots, first touch, flair, composure, off the ball, agility, acceleration; PA around -9
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  40. Latest transfers:

    Joazinho (Beira Mar) -> Braga (contract to June 2017; better tackling, marking, heading, crossing, decisions, concentration, composure, positioning, pace, acceleration, stamina)
    Olexey Gai (Shakhtar) -> Czernomorec Odessa (contract to June 2016)
    Mario Lemina -> Lyon (contract to June 2016)
    Bedi Buval -> Academica (contract to June 2015)
    Francois Modesto -> Bastia (contract to June 2014)
    Tiago Gomes (Blackpool) -> APOEL (contract to June 2015)
    Moritz Leitner - loan to June 2015, not June 2013
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  41. Independiente (Argentina) have been relegated

  42. No Coutinho or Sturridge at Liverpool? But Aspas and Kolo are? Have I done something wrong?

  43. Some of you may have experienced a problem with Europa League. I have sorted this out and a new fresh link waits you in the download center! Download now Apologies!

    FM13 Transfers & Data Update Pack 3.1.1
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  44. POLAND promotions/relegations (as for now. III liga not yet finished)

    GKS Belchatów -> I liga
    Polonia Warszawa -> III liga (Polish league in turmoil as Polonia Warsaw hit the rocks - Inside World Football)
    Zawisza Bydgoszcz -> Ekstraklasa
    Cracovia -> Ekstraklasa
    Warta Poznan -> II liga zachod
    Polonia Bytom -> II liga zachod
    LKS Lodz -> III liga (LKS Lodz loses its battle against financial problems – TheLodz)
    ROW Rybnik -> I liga
    Chojniczanka Chojnice -> I liga
    Wisla Plock -> I liga
    Puszcza Niepolomice -> I liga
    lechia zielona gora -> II liga zachod
    Legionovia -> II liga wschod
    Olimpia zambrow -> II liga wschod
    Stargard szczecinski -> II liga zachod
    Elana Torun -> III liga
    Lech Rypin -> III liga

    1. Legia Warszawa UCL
    2. Lech Poznan EL
    3. Slask Wroclaw EL
    4. Piast Gliwice EL

    winner - Legia Warszwa
    runner-up - Slask Wroclaw

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  45. Nice tflejszman , will be added!

  46. Michale Skibbe - new Grashoppers Zurich manager; contract to June 2014
    Juan Carlos Lescano -> Everton de Vina del Mar
    Rodrigo Valenzuela - contract to December 2013
    Emanuel Vargas, Lautaro Baeza -> C.S.D Rangers
    Roman Golobart -> FC Koeln (contract to June 2016)
    Mihai Roman (Rapid Bucarest) -> Toulouse (contract to June 2016)
    Inigo Lopez wouldn't join to Legia Warszawa
    Julian WieBmeier (Nurnberg) -> SV Wehen (loan to June 2015)
    Leonardo Bittencourt -> Hannover (for 2mln; contract to June 2017; BVB can re-buy him for 6mln)Erik Jendrisek -> Energie Cottbus (contract to June 2016)
    Kyle Lafferty (Sion) -> Palermo (for 2.5mln)
    Muniesa -> free player (he's still not a Real Sociedad player)
    Torrent, Planchart (Barcelona; Scouts) -> Bayern Munchen (contract as long as have Guardiola)
    Patrick Dytko (BVB U-19) -> Piast Gliwice (contract to June 2016)
    Christian Clemens -> Schalke (contract to June 2017)
    Andrea Candreva -> Lazio (end of co-ownership with Udinese)
    Demetris Christofi -> Sion (contract to June 2016)
    Steven Vitoria (Estoril) -> Benfica (contract to June 2017)
    Tarik Elyounoussi -> Hoffenheim (contract to June 2017)
    Jon Dahl Tomasson - new Excelsior manager
    Sebastian Mrowca - free player
    Gael Danic -> Lyon (contract to June 2015) [better passing, crossing, bravery, team work, work rate, composure, concentration, determination, decisions, stamina, strength, pace, balance, natural fitness]
    Stefano Sorrentino -> Palermo (permanently)
    Federico Peluso -> Juventus (permanently; for 4.8mln; contract to June 2017)
    Juan Cuadrado -> Fiorentina (co-ownership)
    Yordy Reyna (Alianz Lima) -> Salzburg (for 2.5mln; better passing, first touch, dribbling, technique, creativy, decisions, work rate, stamina, agility, pace, acceleration, balance)

    And correct some contracts' players like Boka, Josue etc
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  47. Ι have completed the polish transfers so far , so the next update will also include them along the promotions/relegations of Poland!
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  48. Nene (Cagliari) - contract to June 2014
    El Adoua -> Levante (contract to June 2015; better heading, marking, tackling, decisions, concentration, composure, positioning)
    Nacho (Real Madrid) -> Real's first team (like Jese, Morata)
    Denis Cheryshev -> Real M. Castilla
    Uros Spajic (Red Star Belgrad) -> Toulouse
    Eugenio Mena -> Granada
    Marcelo Jorquero (Nublense) -> Universidad de Chile
    Martinho(Catania), Agostini(Torino), Biancchetti (Inter), Laner (Albinoleffe) -> Hellas Verona
    Juan Ignacio Martinez - new Valladoid manager (contract to June 2015)
    Raul Baena (Espanyol) - free player
    Robert Maaskant - new Dynamo Minsk manager (contract to June 2015)
    Piotr Stokowiec - new Jagiellonia Bialystok manager (contract to June 2014)
    Krzysztof Przytula - new LKS Lomza manager (contract to December 2014)
    Kamil Wilczek -> Piast Gliwice (contract to June 2015)
    Denis Glushakov -> Spartak Moscow (for 8mln)
    Samuel Holmen -> Fenerbahce
    Pablo Mastroeni -> Los Angeles Galaxy
    Georges Mandjeck -> Erciyesspor

    Massimo Ambrosini is still Milan's captain, corrected other captains like it's in Sevilla, Everton etc.

    Also, are promotions and relegations done in Turkish league?
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  49. Did you do transfers in Romania,hungary and Bulgary>????

  50. ACMfan1899 , i will update turkish leagues in the next pack

    Rimmshot, only major so far, if i have time enough i will pass some in the next!
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